Top 25 Posts

The posts listed below are the most-read entries according to my handy-dandy blog stats. These are not necessarily the posts that I would have chosen, but I’m trusting the stats to tell the story.

I hope that this entire compilation, when considered together, present a reasonably accurate representation of my little slice of the world-wide web.

  1. full disclosure
  2. (over)stimulation
  3. The Great Garden Debate
  4. Faint (false) positives suck.
  5. scrambled or fried?
  6. Getting to know my husband (again)
  7. Miscarriage #3
  8. hsg & lab results
  9. Two years ago today
  10. respect vs. tolerance
  11. Sunday morning tattoo
  12. How many topics can I cram into one post
  13. Sticks & stones…
  14. almost-orphans
  15. spoke too soon
  16. Seriously, Komen?
  17. The church fixation continues
  18. quote of the day
  19. To be female
  20. bobby speaks
  21. happy effing holidays.
  22. & then there were two
  23. mad (& sad) Bobby
  24. cynical sarah
  25. I call bullsh*t