You know that “oh crap” feeling of waking up the next morning & having only a vague recollection of drunk-dialing your ex? Yeah, that’s how I feel this morning — except without the drunk part. I remember writing in the middle of the night with tears & snot streaming & hitting the “publish” button… & I’m now fighting the urge to go back & unpublish. I’ve been away from the writing for too long, I think — dumping my guts onto a keyboard makes me feel all prickly.

I do have an emotional hangover this morning… puffy eyes, pounding head, good times. Rose had a crappy night as well — woke up several more times briefly, then up shrieking at 7:30. For a kid who usually wakes up giggling at 10, this isn’t normal.

Tomorrow afternoon we’re leaving for the beach, so Jennifer & I are going to get spray-tanned. I hope I don’t look like an oompa-loompa. Today entails doing massive mountains of laundry & folding directly into suitcases & being all done & social by 7:30pm tonight because…. wait for it…..

I’m joining the MOPS steering team. Have I mentioned that? My first meeting is tonight, & it’s called a “retreat” — I’m having flashbacks of my sorority days complete with mountain houses, sleeping 4 to a bed, & having t-shirts made with the weekend’s inside jokes. I’m fairly certain that this isn’t that kind of retreat… it’s local (no mountain houses) & tonight’s installment lasts for 2 hrs (instead of 2 days).

I know some of you may be wondering how this whole becoming a steer-er of MOPS came to pass… after all, I am the same girl who left her kid in the car after her first meeting. You see, I read a book & it changed my life. (I just felt like that Passages commercial… you know the one with soothing music & a man talking earnestly about fixing himself? Anyway.) Not really, but it did pack quite a punch… as in, punched me in my antisocial gut. I read it for my book club — oh, did I mention that I’m also in a book club now? I feel like I need to dedicate an entire post to this social makeover, actually… & since my sleep-deprived spawn is shrieking, it’s gonna have to be later. Plus, Jennifer will be here any minute so we can go get tanned. Or oranged.