Since I have yet to open Rose’s baby book, I thought I’d record some of her milestones here. You know, for that day when she wants to know why the heck there’s not one word written in her baby book.

the beloved snail

On this past Monday, she was FIVE MONTHS OLD. Dude, how has this happened so quickly? She rolls from front to back, but not from back to front… that dang arm just keeps getting in the way. She grabs & bats & switches toys from hand to hand. She kicks her baby legs wildly like she’s riding an invisible baby bicycle. She loves her snail… looks at herself in the mirror, hits it & kicks it. It sings at the least provocation, which is why I think it’s a fav. Oscar, however, hates it… along with most other things these days. He glares at it balefully… or maybe that’s Rose he’s looking at.

The bumbo is the best thing ever… I move her around the house with me & she sits & watches me cook or do laundry or whatever while babbling & sputtering. And it keeps her off the back of her head, which worries me constantly — I’m so afraid that her head is going to be flat. Every morning, I toss her on our bed & she giggles & smiles while I pull the sheets into place.

Still loves the ceiling fans, but people have become more interesting to her lately. During conversations, she seems to be trying to follow along… when we laugh, she laughs. When someone talks, she assumes they’re talking to her… & often, they are. She has begun imitating — does the spluttering motor-boat sound back to me while gleefully spraying spit.

She sleeps like a champ, averaging between 10 & 12 hours a night. I’m still trying to figure out how to transition her to the crib for naps. She’s still napping in the swing, but her feet hang off the end. Eating rice cereal now, which she detests without an applesauce or banana mix-in.

And temperament? Holy crap, she’s a happy kid. Still puzzles me how two angsty people like Bobby & me could somehow produce such a sunshiny spawn. She smiles incredibly easily… a giant toothless upside-down banana smile that takes over her entire chubby baby face. You can’t not smile back. It’s a physical impossibility.

I mean, look at this — she’s a little cherub of cheer. It’s difficult to be grumpy when you’ve got this beaming at you…