Today, Oscar peed on Rose. Oh yes he did.

Every two weeks, I take Oscar to the beauty parlor. It began when I was pregnant & didn’t want to wrangle a wet dog over the side of the tub… & it was so nice having someone else bath him, that I just haven’t stopped. It’s a little place right around the corner & he’s one of their VIDs (Very Important Dogs). I know this because they have a VID wall & his picture is on it.

When I drop him off or pick him up, he has a bad habit of hiking his leg & spraying the counter. I was embarrassed the first few times, & then I just got annoyed… I mean, Oscar has been potty-trained since he was a puppy. There’s no excuse for counter-peeing, regardless of how many dogs have peed before. The staff, however, is very unconcerned about it… they grab a mop & swipe it up & that’s that.

Today, I picked him up & took Rose in with me for the first time. The staff all gathered around, ohhing & ahhing & doing what people do about babies. I then put Rose (still in her car seat) on the floor while I paid. You see where this is going. Turned back around & found that the little mongrel had raised his little leg & freakin’ PEED on her. Ok, the urine didn’t actually go ON her, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. Since his surgery, he has this very sad (for him) girl-dog pee-hole, you see, & his pee doesn’t have quite the same trajectory that it once did. It’s something that’s caused him quite a bit of consternation in the months since The Great Urethrostomy¬†of 2011. I, however, am quite glad that his range is limited…. otherwise I would have been cloroxing the baby along with the car seat.

I was flummoxed. What would make Oscar pee on Rose? Was it that she was getting attention from HIS people? Or that he wanted to make sure that everyone knew she belonged to him? Has he just been waiting for the perfect opportunity to whiz on his nemesis? Was he just so excited that he aimed for the car seat instead of his usual favorite spot on the counter?

Or maybe he just feeling particularly bold in his jaunty bandana & ear-feather…