This once-a-month writing thing isn’t really intentional… it’s just kinda working out that way. I do sincerely plan to get better. I do. Since the last time I wrote, Christmas happened… Rose’s first Christmas. Bobby & went through the silliness of wrapping her gifts & then unwrapping her gifts while she just chills without a clue. Whatever, it was fun (for Bobby & me, at least).

Then I turned 34. It was uneventful, as it’s been ever since my Mama died… but saying that having Rose made it better would be an understatement of epic proportions. We headed to our Christmas Cabin, as has been our tradition since Mama left, & this year, we stayed for an entire TWO weeks. We’ve gone to a different cabin every year & luckily for us, this one was lovely. I saw the drive in exactly twice — once when we drove in, & once when we drove out two weeks later. Yes, that’s correct. I did not leave the house, not even once, for an entire two weeks. I tromped around in the woods or twice & we built a campfire one night. And that was the extent of my traveling. It was the usual crew — Jennifer, Tom, their girlies, Sue, Bobby, me, & of course the Rosebud. Lots of book-reading, puzzle-doing, football-watching, beer-drinking, porch-sitting, nothing-doing going on… slothfulness at its finest.

cousins at the cabin

The month of January has slipped by rather quickly. I finally went to the daycare where I worked to introduce Rose to my former coworkers. It only took me 4.5 months to take her up there because I’m all prompt & awesome like that. I got my hair chopped off & I like it. I got new glasses after 10 years, & my eyes are oh so happy to not be contacts-only anymore.

Rose & I hang out together every day, & have us a good ol’ time. I move her around the house with me & she gurgles & screeches in the little bumbo seat while I do laundry & dishes & make our bed & all that domestic crap. I think back to before she was born… all the anxiety I had about depression & not being happy with my long-awaited role of motherhood. For once, something has been just as fabulous as I expected. This mother gig? I’m loving it. She’s got so much personality, & every time she comes up with a new trick, I seriously feel like she’s the smartest, prettiest, most original, best-all-around baby ever in the whole world. And I know that pretty much everyone feels that way & we all can’t be right, but I just can’t help feeling like I won the baby jackpot.

And what is she doing these days, you ask? Well, I shall tell you…  She’s lost that scrawny, fragile, newborn look. All that loose skin is filling out into little cute baby fat rolls. At her 4-month appt on Jan 10th, she weighed 13lbs, 8oz (umm, I think). She smiles & giggles & sometimes cackles with laughter, which never fails to crack me up. She smiles easily, something that Bobby & I didn’t expect & even now, we’re still constantly surprised at how little it takes to coax a toothless beaming smile from her. Like, walking into the room is pretty much all it takes. She’s a happy little chubster. She’s quite verbal — chatters & howls & screeches & “talks” to such an extent that people will come over to peer into her stroller in the store, just to see the baby who’s making all that noise. She’s recently entered what our pediatrician called the “oral stage of exploration” — translation: she gnaws on anything with arms reach. Her hands are her favorite. People constantly tell us that she must be teething because of the amount of hand-gnawing she does, but there’s no sign of that at this point. She started eating rice cereal with applesauce a few weeks ago & figured out that a spoon = food within the first 2-3 days. The girl likes her food. She howls at the mere sight of a bottle if it’s not already firmly planted in her pie hole. And sometimes, when she wants to communicate that she is displeased, she does this guttural growling noise that is reminiscent of the dinosaurs… the little, killer kind. With all this talk of happiness, I don’t mean to give the impression that she never cries. Oh, the chick can cry — and once she gets torn up about something, it takes her a while to work through it. Bobby says she takes after her mommy on that particular little coping mechanism. Heh. And yesterday? She rolled over for the first time. Yep, she did. I put her down for her daily torture session (aka tummy time) & turned away to do something. Took me a minute or two to notice that there was an unusual lack of yowling going on… turned back around to discover that she was on her back, smiling at me proudly.

Yep, she’s a keeper.