The lovey slept in her crib for the first time last night. So glad we decided to go with the video monitor… was able to hit the little button for instant reassurance. And hit the button, I did. Many, many times.

So have I mentioned that Rose is a spitter? As a former daycare employee, I feel confident in saying that she has taken spitting to an art form. Sometimes it drips out of her mouth down onto her bib & neck. Sometimes it pours out of her mouth in a gush down onto her clothes & blanket. And sometimes it shoots out of her mouth, Exorcist-style. It hits the person holding her, the chair or sofa, her clothes, the holder’s clothes, the floor, & any nearby electronic (phones, laptops, remotes, cameras, oh yes). Our leather sofa will never be the same.

I remember in my childcare days, I avoided holding the spitters without putting on a smock first, especially the breastfed spitters. The thought of someone else’s processed breastmilk on my clothes made me feel a little gaggy. And now? Rose is that baby. And you could always tell the spitters who didn’t get wiped down or bathed at night… their little necks would knock you over. More than one baby has gotten a daycare sink bath because the neck reek was unbearable.

I’m determined that Rose will not suffer from stinky-neck. Every other evening, she gets a bath, & on the off nights, I scrub her down with a warm washcloth, much to her disgruntlement. She howls every night & flails like I’m killing her. Good times.

I asked the ped at her appt this past Monday about the spitting. He said that since it’s not consistently projectile, she doesn’t need to be medicated… that it’ll get better with age. So the upside of having a spitter? I get to play dress-up with her several times a day. Between hand-me-downs from Mag & Sadie & things that people have bought, she has an insane amount of clothes. And because she spews like a volcano, she’s getting to wear all of them multiple times. So that’s my Sunny Sarah thought of the day.