Baby girl is two months old as of Sunday. We went to church for the first time… I dressed her in a smocked dress that Mama made, ruffle bottom tights, a white sweater & black patent leather shoes. Oh, & a tiny pearl bracelet. So, so sweet.

If you’re getting the impression that I dress her up like my own personal baby doll, then you would be correct.

Yesterday was her two-month doctor appt. She’s 10lb, 1oz and 21.75in long. Really like the way our pediatrician interacts with her… he’s very professional & business-like with Bobby & me, but his entire demeanor changes when he addresses Rose. Then, of course it was time for her first shots. Oh my. Bobby held her & I watched & flinched. I’ve always been a smidge skeptical of the people who talk about crying when their kids get shots… I mean, it’s for their own good & it only hurts for a second, so what’s the big deal? Yesterday, when the nurse stuck three, THREE, impossibly long needles in Rose’s little baby legs, I wept. It was wretched. I held her for a long time afterward & we cried together. It was a little bit dramatic but I couldn’t hold it in. Once Bobby ascertained that we were both going to survive, he left to check out (& escape the drama).

Now that she’s had her shots, I no longer have an excuse to hibernate. Guess I’ll have to rejoin the outside world. Rose is game :)