Having an after-dinner glass of wine tonight. Aaahhhhh, gotta love the pump-&-dump option. And I’m drinking it out of my most fabulous wine glass… check out this baby:

It has different level markers, including “Going big tonight,” “Bobby’s being a pain,” Had a long day,” & “Just a splash.” Was a birthday gift from last December that I’ve been waiting to use. I’m pretty much enjoying every sip.

Tonight began the “sleep-training” process with the Rosebud. That phrase is weird to me… like something you’d do with a puppy. Anyway, so tonight, instead of rocking her completely to sleep after her last bottle, I put her in her cradle while she was still somewhat awake. Went back in every 4 mins or so to soothe her until she fell asleep. She wasn’t a fan of this new process, but I’m hoping that she’ll come around. Bobby & I have been debating on when to move her to her room. Probably will in the next week or so. I like our monitor — we went with the snazzy video kind because hearing her isn’t enough, I need to SEE her — so I guess I’m ok with having her out of hearing (& seeing) range. Meh. Still nervous, although I’ve drastically improved. I barely slept when we first brought her home… would lie in bed & listen to her breathe, petrified that if I fell asleep, she would die. And when I would fall asleep, I’d wake up panicked, scrambling out of bed to look in her cradle, touch her, make sure she’s still breathing. Yeah, doing much better (as in less psycho-paranoid) these days.

Ok, my giant wine glass is now empty, so I’m off to bed…