We got an A+ at Rose’s weight check this morning… she’s gained almost a pound this week, putting her at 7lbs, 9oz. Ahhh, much better. And they silver nitrated her belly button again — ya’ll telling me that it didn’t hurt helped, so thanks!

A few months ago, my grandparents (Mama’s family) said they would come visit after Rose’s birth. Well, that hasn’t happened… once again, the September canning schedule has interfered (the canning also played a huge role in why Grandma didn’t come down sooner when Mama was dying. Yes, I’m serious). Anyway, my feelings have been a bit injured, even though I know there’s really no point in being hurt or offended. They’re my grandparents, & I love them dearly… Grandma wouldn’t be Grandma if she didn’t make canning tomatoes the center of her world. That’s just how it is. So tomorrow, I’m going to them. Yep, Jennifer & I are braving the 5-hr trip to Virginia with Maggie the 4-yr-old, Sadie the 2-yr-old & Rose the 3-wk-old… fun, no? It’ll be cake once I get up there. I’ll have more help with her than I can handle. But the trip is a little daunting. And the packing?… yeah, 2-3 outfits per day, 4-5 burpcloths, 8-10 diaper changes. She’s cute, but she’s a messy little creature.

I’m so looking forward to seeing my grandparents hold her. It’s a connection to my family, to Mama, that’s been absent since Rose was born. Can’t wait.