We’re a little over 1 week in. Wow. I don’t even know where to start… so I’ll just start with a big THANK YOU. Thank ya’ll so much for the lovely messages & comments… such a joy to open my inbox & see your sweet words!

I’m still in a state of shock, honestly. I can’t stop looking at this tiny, perfect human. A part of me is still in disbelief that I have a daughter, & she’s here & healthy. I love every bit of her — her tiny, perfect head (that didn’t seem so tiny a week ago when she was stuck… but that’s another story), her silky tufts of dark hair, her skinny little arms & legs, her feet that seem determined to fold around herself, her back with its wrinkles of loose skin, her little round belly.  There are so many things about her that I just can’t stop examining. I love to hold her while she’s sleeping, & hear her choppy, shallow newborn breaths. And snuggle her into my neck & breathe her in. I can’t believe she’s my child, my baby girl.

The last week has been a bit of a blur… here’s a brief bare-bones summary, because I’ve gotta get Bobby to help me fill in the blanks. We checked into the hospital Monday night & were told that because it’s my first rodeo, it’s probably be at least noon on Tuesday before we’d start seeing real progress. I wrote a blog post (which I’ll post as soon as I reread it to make sure it’s publishable) on Monday night before taking an Ambien & passing out around 12:30am. She was born at 7:22am Tuesday morning (more detailed post to follow).

Was moved to the Mother/Baby wing a few hours later. Lots of visitors & nurses popping in on Wednesday… my drugs had worn off completely by then & I ached all over. My nether-regions were in a sad state, obviously, but I was actually sore like I had been in a high-impact car crash, from my neck & shoulders to my legs. Not gonna lie, I felt like crap warmed over & kinda looked like it too. Took my first shower on Wednesday & changed into my own pajamas, which helped somewhat.

On Thursday, the nurses did our discharge paperwork early in the am, but told us that we could stay as long as we needed. Why, ok. So we hit the lights & took a nice long nap. Had a meeting with the lactation consultant, who reweighed Rose & confirmed that she had lost a few more ounces… down to 6.8lbs from 7.1lbs. Finally headed home around 4pm, & Jen, Tom & the girlies brought dinner (an insanely HUGE dinner) over around 6. Maggie was so, SO excited to meet Baby Wose… & I swear, Rose knows her little chirping, 4-yr-old voice.

Friday morning, we took Rose to the pediatrician’s office for a weight & jaundice check. She somehow managed to lose 3 more ounces overnight, putting her at 6.5lbs… thus making it official that I was starving my baby. Nice. Insert slight freakout here. We’re told to supplement with either pumped breastmilk or formula.

Saturday was filled with college football & breastfeeding attempts. Quite a combo, yes? Bobby wrapped her in one of our many Clemson blankets & deemed Rose his new “football buddy.”

Sunday was nonstop. Another weight check (she gained 2oz!!), then Bobby & I took takeout to the park. Arrived home just in time to greet the deluge of family… Bobby’s grandmother, aunt & uncle, our friends M&T with their little girlie, my dad, & Jen, Tom & co. I love that everyone’s so excited, & I know that it means an incredible amount to Bobby that his family is in love with his little one.

Monday was a bad day. Lots of crying (mostly me, with Rose occasionally chiming in), fighting with Bobby, stressing, more crying. Yeah.

Tuesday, another weight check. Gained two more ounces, putting her weight at 6.9.

Wednesday, newborn portraits with Tiffiney, who did an incredible job of course.

Whew. Part of me (the anal planner part) can’t wait for us to figure out a routine, to recognize & follow some kind of pattern. The rest of me doesn’t want anything to rush this, even the jumbled, overwhelming parts… I want to enjoy every second, even when I’m completely confused as to why Rose wants to eat every hour. Aren’t they supposed to eat every 2.5-3 hrs?

Wow. Just wow.