nervous Oscar, awaiting the verdict

Oscar went to the groomer today & when Bobby picked him up, they mentioned “Oh, just wanted to make sure you know he has blood in his urine.” Um, no, what!? So Bobby heads straight to the vet, & I’m a basket case, completely convinced that he has cancer. Because in my world, all internal issues = cancer. A couple of xrays & ultrasounds later, he’s diagnosed with bladder stones, the doggy version of kidney stones. And he has a ton of these suckers clogging up his plumbing & the vet recommends that we have them removed before he has a complete blockage.

So yeah. $1100 later, Oscar had surgery this evening. The vet called & let us know that it went well, & that he’s “resting comfortably” in recovery. Will probably come home on Sunday.

Poor Mr O.  I cried when we had to leave him with his little paw all taped up to an IV. Of course, I’ve cried like 5 times today, so it didn’t take much more than a reproachful look from his sad, buggy eyeballs for the tears to start rolling.