Today I went to turn in my pee jug & while I was there, I headed over to Dr OBGYN’s office. Had a nasty headache last night… like the kind where your eyeballs hurt… & was feeling paranoid. “Oh my good god, my head hurts, my blood pressure is up, what if Rose is in distress, what if there’s protein in my pee, what if they induce tomorrow, I still need to do another load of laundry, AAAAHHHHHHHH.”  Yeah.

So my blood pressure was a little higher than Monday, but not horribly so… 138/94. Dr OBGYN was at another office, so I saw one of the other docs. She checked my innards — stuck her hand up there & said “Well, there’s that baby’s head!” Cervix is dilated 1 cm, up from “just a smidge” last week. Just for funsies, she sent me up to Labor & Delivery for a non-stress test (which involved a $100 copay, which caused me stress). They strapped monitors to my stomach, put a blood pressure cuff on me, & I laid in a nice, quiet little non-stressful room for 45 minutes or so. It was nice & comforting, actually… I could hear Rose’s little heartbeat just thump-thumping away in there. And turns out I’m having occasional contractions, which kinda blows my mind. They’re not strong or regular (obviously), but they were definitely there. Craziness.

So Rose was declared “a happy little camper” by the monitoring nurse & we were sent home, where I’m now doing that laundry that I was so fixated on last night. Today’s plan involves unpacking & repacking my & Rose’s bags. You know, just to make sure it’s all in there. Because something might have changed since the last time I packed them. And Bobby told me that he’s ok with Rose coming this week or the week of her due date, but next week really isn’t good for him. Told him I’m sure she’s in there taking notes of his scheduling requests on her little baby calendar.