During my weekly appt yesterday, my blood pressure was elevated for the first time at 130/90. I’ve consistently had good BP numbers, & I could immediately tell from the nurse’s expression that my reading wasn’t excellent. High BP was the reason that Jennifer was induced with Sadie at 35 weeks… apparently hers was 180/109, which is “holy shit, you’re gonna have a stroke”-type numbers. Dr OBGYN wouldn’t even let her leave the office to pack her bags. Obviously mine aren’t that bad — they’re more of the “meh, you’re pushing it”-type numbers — but Dr OBGYN decided that just to be proactive, he wants to make sure there’s no protein my urine. High pressure + protein in your pee = preeclampsia = time to have a baby.

Introducing the pee jug.

Starting this morning for 24 hours, I’m collecting my pee in a bright red biohazard jug that lives in the refrigerator. It’s kinda gross. And weird. They gave me this little cup that I’m supposed to “collect” in, then pour it into my jug. However, I can’t see past my belly button, so aiming for the collection cup has presented a bit of a problem. Being the resourceful type, I’ve upgraded to a Solo cup. It’s a wide-mouth super-easy pee collector… I’m telling you, Solo is missing a prime marketing opportunity.

So I keep this jug in the fridge, & tomorrow morning, I take my biohazard jug back to the lab for testing in its biohazard bag.

And that’s the end of my pee jug story. For now.