Yesterday, I decided that getting OUT. OF. MY. HOUSE was priority #1. I love my house, I do. But, as is evidenced by my recent posts, I tend to dig myself into a muddled stresshole when left to my own devices for three or more consecutive days. So I called Jennifer & invited myself over… nothing like a good dose of Maggie-Waggie & Sadie & their fabulous raincoats to bring on a chuckle or two:

Raincoat Fashionistas. & no, it wasn't raining.

Love them. Lovelovelove them. They’re just so dang cute, even when they’re being beasties. Talked to Jennifer about all my pressing (& not-so-pressing) concerns. Snotted & cried a bit. Ate some junk food. Felt better. Hooray for sisters & nieces who only live 0.6 miles away!