• How far along? 35 weeks, 6 days
  • Symptoms? Does a baby head resting on your cervix count? Dr OBGYN confirmed it this morning… she’s “dropped,” her head is pressing on my cervix, & the cervix is open a tiny bit. He said I’m not dilated a measurable amount, but that things are definitely progressing. Dude, I could have told you that… I’ve been contemplating putting frozen veggies on my lady bits for days to chill out the throbbing. Bobby says he’s tired of hearing about my crotch. I was quick to inform him that this, my friend, is only the beginning of our crotch talks. No guarantee of her coming early, though — she could very realistically hang out on my cervix for 29 more days.
  • Baby-related purchases? I bought her a bib on etsy yesterday that made me giggle… it says “I spit up on Gamecocks.” Teehee — hey, gotta get her ready for her first Clemson football season! And on a whim, I bought a Feltman Bros bonnet that matches the little gown that she’s wearing home from the hospital… Mama bought the gown for Maggie, & Miss Rose will be the 3rd baby girl to wear it home.
  • Maternity clothes? Oh yes.
  • Sleep: Sometimes better than others. The horrible snore-monster noises continue, according to Bobby the Long-Suffering. I offered to sleep on the sofa, but he refuses… says that once word gets out that Bobby makes his pregnant wife sleep on the sofa, he’ll be the resident asshole. He makes a good point :)
  • Best moment this week: On Friday, I ran into a little local jewelry store to pick up a bracelet that I was having repaired. Ended up

    Rose's baby cup

    chatting with the elderly owner, who’s probably in his 80’s & has owned this little downtown business for basically his entire life — he asked all about Rose, about when she’s due, & seemed so genuinely excited. He asked me not to leave for a sec, which was kinda confusing, but I wandered off to the pearl earrings & amused myself. A few minutes later, he came out from behind the counter with a small package beautifully wrapped in pink paper… told me that my baby girl needed a Carolina baby cup, & to bring it back in after she’s born & they’ll engrave it for me. I have never had a conversation with this man before that day… it was one of those random, incredibly kind moments that people seem to be pulling out on a regular basis these days. Touched my heart. I gave him a hug & thanked him profusely — I plan to take Rose in to meet him after she’s born.

  • Most ridiculous moment this week:  Went to see “The Help” this weekend (which is a really, truly wonderful book & movie, btw) with some ladies. I had to pee (of course), so I was the last one to go in. So here I am… the theatre’s packed, the movie’s already started, we’re on the second row (you know, so I can cause the most disruption possible) & I decide that instead of sitting on the end of the row where I could just sit down, I want to sit in the MIDDLE of the row. Yeah, you see where this going. I have no idea what possessed me, but here I go, squeezing myself over these ladies. And about halfway, I got stuck. My giant stomach was wedged & I found myself unable to go back or forward, & the more I struggled, the more I hit the poor people in front of me with my purse. I kept whispering apologies, & then the ladies I was with (& climbing over) got tickled & started giggling… they had to literally pull me by my arm to help me finally reach my destination seat. One of my finer moments, let me tell you.
  • Movement: Oh yes, we have movement. Sometimes it’s just big, rolling movements, while other times it’s specific, hard little body parts. Bobby felt what was either a knee or elbow last night sticking out — usually, she stops moving immediately when he tries to feel her, so I was glad she continued her flailing so he could feel it too.
  • Food cravings: Taco Bell’s nacho supreme. I know, I know, the Bell is probably the least healthy choice I could go with… but it’s just so good. And my sugar numbers are still fine, so I’m thinking some occasional Taco Hell won’t kill me.
  • Gender: GIRL!!
  • Belly Button in or out? Completely smooth.
  • What I miss: I still miss beer. A big Dos Equis draft with lime, to be specific. And a non-throbbing crotch. That’d be nice too.
  • What I am looking forward to: Really? The arrival of Baby Rose! Seriously, I’m so excited!….it’s like looking forward to the best, biggest Christmas present EVER. I kinda want her to come early, but I’m also ok with her staying in there  — not only is it better for her to keep cooking, but it’s just exciting having this big, huge, thrilling thing to look forward to.
  • Weekly Wisdom: Not feeling overly wise today… just kind of generally happy at the moment. Dr OBGYN always makes me feel better about things. I walk away from him feeling comforted that he’s going to make sure things are ok for me, Bobby & Rose. He makes me laugh, but I never feel like he’s disregarding my concerns. Bottom line: he’s pretty much wonderful & I love him.
  • Milestones: First official cervix check this morning. Good times! (ouch)
  • Z4 is the size of: a honeydew melon. Which, I don’t know about you, but I consider to be quite large, especially when it’s residing in my uterus.