Jennifer & Tom popped by last night, & there was a comment about the sheer number of lists lying about. Um, I hadn’t noticed. So this morning, I documented them just for posterity’s sake.

The "To Do" List

This list has been ongoing for months now. I used to have “Deadline” instead of “Priority,” with due dates listed, & it was 2 pages long. In the last week though, it’s just gone to 1 of 2 categories: “gotta get it done” or “if I get around to it.”

The Packing List

Hospital bags for Rose & me… Rose’s have been packed for a few days now. Mine, not so much. I have this fixation on pajamas. I keep buying pairs, returning them, buying more, returning them… you get the picture. I have no idea why. I’m usually not even a pajamas-matching-set kinda girl — more of a pj pant & tshirt-wearer. And I know that it doesn’t matter at all because I’ll have one of those attractive hospital gowns… but for some reason, pajamas are getting a lot of attention at this point.

Rose's bags, complete with The Contact List

Oh, Oscar. He’s so everywhere I am these days. And yes, that’s another list peeking out of Rose’s bag… The Contact List. I’ve split it up into sections — who gets called/texted immediately when we’re heading to the hospital, who gets called/texted after she’s born & everything’s (hopefully) fine, & facebook. Yes, I’m a dork & facebook made my contact list. My husband is a social media addict (it’s kinda what he does for a living), & I know that he’s going to be hammering facebook the entire time. I just want to make sure that I see any pics BEFORE they’re posted to the worldwide web.

And the final item in our list exhibit:

The "Finishing Sarah's Hospital Bag" List

You see, when Jennifer was 35 weeks, she went in for her regular weekly appt & left 3 days later with a Sadie baby. Tom was faced with the daunting task of packing her crap. So this list is for just in case that happens… it’s all the toiletry-type stuff that I can’t pack ahead of time because I use it on a daily basis. I kept asking myself “Could Daddy follow this list?” because he is the most literal, least intuitive person I know. If the answer is yes, we’re good. The ziploc bag presented a hiccup for him in my pretend scenario, so I taped it to the mirror as well… which Jennifer found hilarious.

So there we have it. This completes The Great List Extravaganza. And now I’m off to return yet another set of pajamas. :)