• How far along? 32 weeks, 6 days
  • Symptoms? I have developed a deep & abiding hatred for my vacuum cleaner. I’ve always despised vacuuming, but it’s really become personal in the last few weeks. There’s just something about how heavy it is, & I never realized that I used to use my stomach to kinda shove it along & now that’s not an option… makes me angry. When I get it out of the closet, I feel a black mood envelope me. Bobby & Oscar run for cover. If it doesn’t fit through spaces, it makes me mad… I find myself ramming it against the furniture in a temper. When I finished vacuuming this past week, I actually had a blister on my hand. And then that night, I feel like I’ve been run over — I ache all over. And it’s all the vacuum cleaner’s fault. You see why my hatred is totally rational, right? RIGHT?! Bobby has taken to calling me “The Angry Vacuumer.” I don’t care what he calls me as long as he gets out of my way.
  • Baby-related purchases? In the last hour?  Personalized thank you notes, a Ruffle Butts outfit on clearance for next summer (for Rose, not me… my butt doesn’t need anymore girth), & Pinxav, which is apparently manna from heaven in the form of diaper cream & which (of course) isn’t available in stores around here & so must be purchased online.
  • Maternity clothes? Oh yes.
  • Sleep: I’ve been told by Bobby the long-suffering that I’ve taken to talking in my sleep. It’s just garble though… doesn’t make any sense. I haven’t asked him whether he prefers the snoring or the chatting.
  • Best moment this week: The baby shower this past Saturday was absolutely perfect. Really, it was. So perfect, in fact, that it gets its own post.
  • Most classic moment this week: Last Tuesday, Bobby & I officially completed our childbirth class series. As we were walking to the car afterward, the following conversation ensued:

    Bobby: Well, got that outta the way. I guess we’re ready now.
    Me: [chortling with the sheer hilarity of that statement] So have you really THOUGHT about this? I mean, so you spend time thinking about what’s going to happen in a few weeks?
    Bobby: Nope.
    We arrive at the car, him standing on the driver’s side, me on the passenger’s side. And then, in perfect sync, at the exact same time, we both stick our fingers in our ears & scream “LALALALALALALA!!!”

  • Movement: Yep. She flips & kicks & wallers to her little heart’s content. I love it.
  • Food cravings: For the shower this past weekend, Jennifer made these little sugary cream cheese mints that Mama used to make. Oh my lord. So good. She left the extras in my freezer. I couldn’t stop thinking about them until I had eaten every single one. Screw you, blood sugar.
  • Gender: GIRL!!
  • Belly Button in or out? Out-ish, I think. Sue was here this weekend, & she noticed it protruding through my shirt. I’m hoping it’s because she’s my sister & she notices things like that & not because it’s that noticeable. I hope.
  • What I miss: Chick-fil-a chicken biscuit, hashbrowns & orange juice. It’s so not good for me, but it’s oh so tasty.
  • What I am looking forward to: Getting all my thank you notes written & mailed. I received so many beautiful, thoughtful gifts, & I want to take time to make sure that each note conveys how grateful I am… I feel overwhelmed just thinking about it because sometimes, there are no words.
  • Weekly Wisdom: Did you know that if you take something back to Target without a receipt, they can run the card you used to pay for your item & pull up an entire purchase history? Yep, they can. And then they’ll give you the full credit of what you paid, instead of what it’s current value is. Of course, there are probably rules — like I don’t know what the time limit is — but Jennifer discovered this little fact last night, & shared with me. And now I share with you. And that’s all the wisdom I have to impart at this time.
  • Milestones: I’ve officially been the recipient of a baby shower. For a baby that’s approximately 4 pounds & still marinating. That’s a milestone if ever there was one.
  • Z4 is the size of: a large jicama. Which is actually rather interesting because I ate jicama for the first time a couple of weeks ago, & it was quite tasty. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have a clue what a jicama is, or how to pronounce it (apparently, the “j” sound is pronounced like an “h”… so it’s said “hick-uh-ma.” Who knew? Probably everyone but me.)