Ya’ll, it’s finally done. I mean, not done-done-ready to plop a baby in there-done, but done enough for people to see it. Which is fortunate, since there will be quite a few people in my house come Saturday. And I really love how it turned out. There were times I was a bit worried about how hodge-podgy-mismatchy it was feeling — people kept asking me what my “theme” was, & I’m like, ummm, vintage-ish? Which is not really a theme, but whatever.

Prepare to be bombarded by pictures. Wheeeeeeeee!! You might notice that most of the picture frames are still empty… that’s on my “to do” list.

view from the doorway

  • wall color: cement gray by Martha Stewart… we didn’t repaint after the guest bedroom redo.
  • lighting: white ella chandelier from Pottery Barn Kids (I bought on ebay… way cheaper!)
  • crib: Jenny Lind by DaVinci (here)
  • ottoman: oh, you mean that giant yellow marshmallow tuffet? I love it! It was a random find at The Store of Fabulousness Home Goods.
  • rocker: $60 at local antique shop. It was one of the first things I bought for the room, which decided the shade of pinkish-rose that I was going with.
  • side table: was Mama’s when she was a little girl. I painted it Heirloom White (you’ll sense a theme here… it’s my go-to color) & changed the knob.
  • stork canvas: one of my very favorite things! It’s from Joni at laybabylay. Found the frame at Michael’s for $5 & spray-painted Heirloom White.

another view from doorway

  • rug: here at Overstock
  • “dream” canvas: diy project using a quote from “Someday” by Alison McGhee, a book that Mama bought for me & that I plan to read to Rose often.

    dresser & changing table area

  • changing table: $20 at Goodwill… woohoo!
  • dresser: Craig’s List long before Rose existed. Click here for “before” pic
  • lanterns: Lily hanging paper lanterns from Pottery Barn Kids (here)
  • quilt: I made it! Fabric is Moda Aviary by 3 Sisters (same as toybox cushion).
  • dress: hand-smocked by my mother. I can’t quite bear to put it in the closet just yet. Click here for the story of how this dress came & found me 32 years after Mama made it.

mantel & closet door (looking back toward bedroom door)

  • toybox: $55 at a local antique shop. Click here to see “before” pic when it was a garish, yield-sign yellow.
  • cushion & pillows: I made those suckers! Fabrics from HobLob & Moda Aviary by 3 Sisters (same as quilt hanging on crib)
  • step stools: the white one I painted (close-up pic is below). The brown one was mine when I was little. It’s old & worn & says “Sarah’s Sorry Seat”
  • clock: Jennifer jacked it from my parents’ house. It was Mama’s… Daddy never even noticed it was gone.
  • vase with roses: TJ Maxx. Got it for $10 because I whined to the manager about one of the flowers falling off & how I was gonna have to hot-glue it. Just appease the whiny pregnant woman.
  • diaper bag: yes, that would be the Coach bag I got off ebay… was my first baby-related purchase. Bought the scarf at the Coach outlet to make it “girly” :)
  • bookcase: we bought it from a local unfinished wood store last fall when we redid the guest bedroom. I just cleared the bottom shelves for Rose’s library-to-be.

changing area details

  • “peek a boo” board: found it at a little shop called “Take Heart” in Blowing Rock, NC. If you’re ever there, you should stop by…
  • birds: Target during the guest bedroom redo, plus a coat of Heirloom White spray paint
  • hairbow holder: this little frame was all beat up & faded & was clearanced for $7 at HobLob. I pulled the back off, spray-painted the frame, replaced the back with fabric, & broke the glass out. Used thumbtacks to add 3 ribbons to the front to clip hairbows to, & added a hanging ribbon. TA-DA!… it’s a super-cheap version of this one from Rosenberry Rooms.
  • wire picture hanger: another lovely from “Take Heart” in Blowing Rock. I figured I’ll use it to clip fun things until Rose starts pulling it off the wall, & then we’ll probably find a new home for it.
  • baskets: these from Target. I bought my own ribbon instead of using the gingham that came with.

dresser details

  • “welcome little one” art: handmade greeting card. I just took the glass out of the frame & taped it in there.
  • vintage shoe: 50 cents at a local thrift shop. Bought hydrangea at HobLob when they had their floral 50% off.
  • blocks: this etsy seller
  • lampshade: I really loved this lampshade from PBK, but couldn’t bring myself to pay $100. So I bought one at Target for $11, bought roses at HobLob for 50% off, & hot-glued away. I originally meant to cover the entire shade like the PBK one, but my roses were bigger than Pottery Barn’s… so I went with the simpler version.
  • lamp: $5 at a local thrift shop & a coat of Heirloom White spray paint

closet details

  • storage boxes/baskets: Home Goods
  • size dividers: bought some blank ones off ebay & mod-podged with pretty scrapbook paper. Added the sizes with a paint-pen.
  • “Ginger Rogers” sign: HobLob. Figured some early indoctrination couldn’t hurt. I plan to add a shoe bag below the sign, which is why it’s hung so high.

some favorite things...

And a few of my favorite things…

  • gold-framed pics: On the left, a drawing of me… my grandmother (my dad’s mom) started cleaning out her house after my grandfather died, & she randomly gave me this during a visit. I painted the frame gold, but the mat was already the perfect color. On the right, this printable from laybabylay. Such a lovely little poem…
  • pillow & blanket: The pillow is one that I gave Mama for Mother’s Day probably 10 years ago… is says “A daughter is just a little girl who grows up to be a friend.” The blanket was mine when I was a baby.
  • stool: I painted this sucker. I loved this one from Posh Tots, but dude, $220?! Seriously?! So I bought a unfinished one at HobLob, spray-painted it Heirloom White, & tried my hand at painting.
  • bedding: Love, love, love. It’s handkerchief linen in ballet pink & warm white, handmade by this etsy seller. She was WONDERFUL to work with… can’t recommend her highly enough.

one more fav

  • window treatments: Brittany Rose by Pottery Barn. Bought on ebay… I think PB has actually discontinued these.
  • lamp: a bright & shiny brass floor lamp that I’ve had since college. I primed it, spray-painted it Heirloom White, & added a coat of poly sealant to (hopefully) keep the paint from chipping off the brass. Lampshade is one I already had.

drawer divider heaven

And because weird things make me happy, here’s the inside of Rose’s dresser drawer. Yes, those are drawer dividers. HOW did I not know about these? They’re fabulous… spring-loaded to fit your drawer, & it keeps all those little onesies from creeping over into the footed outfits. Because onesie creepage just won’t do.