I’m back to posting after a week’s hiatus… & I must say, I’ve been extremely productive for the last week. Sometimes I just need to good crybaby moment to get it out of my system before I can get up & actually do something about it. After last Saturday’s sadfest, I broke my “to do” list into categories, & then split the categories into manageable one-day subdivisions. And I haven’t gone to bed until I finish my day’s list. My sleep has suffered, but my list has shrunk dramatically. I like it.

Bobby's nemesis

SUNDAY: Sunday’s list was a Bobby honey-do list. He realized that I was freaking out & decided that it was a worthy investment of a few hours to just do what I wanted & get me off his back. He hung the chandelier (which required lots of old house rewiring, which made him curse) and some paper lanterns. Even if I could rewire stuff, I’m a little leery of climbing anything higher than a stepstool these days. My balance is a little precarious, & I could see myself & Rose plummeting to the hardwoods below.

My first (complete) quilt!

MONDAY: The list was a quilt. That’s all. I’ve never free-motion quilted before & it took me an hour to figure out how to change the foot on my sewing machine & another hour of studying this tutorial (which is great & shall forever be pinned on my “sewing” Pinterest board). But I DID IT. And I’m actually proud of how it turned out. It’s not perfect by any means, but it’s the first quilt I’ve ever actually completed. And then I ordered a lovely little quilt label from etsy to sew on the back that says “Made with love by Sarah for her daughter Rose, July 2011.” Done.

TUESDAY: My list consisted of a doctor’s appointment, a cushion for the toybox, two pillows, and a hamper liner. Again, I actually completed these projects… which is, in itself, a minor miracle. They ran into Wednesday a bit because I found myself having to buy more supplies & we had childbirth class that night, but they were done Wed am.

pillows, cushion, & hamper liner

WEDNESDAY: The rest of Wednesday was dedicated to nagging issues that I’ve been putting off. Called about a few medical bills & asked them to refile with the insurance, contacted the pediatrician office that we’ve chosen & requested to meet with our two top contenders, & updated the checkbook for both our personal & business finances.

sparkly knobs make everything better

THURSDAY: I changed knobs on the dresser, lined the drawers with contact paper (which sounds deceptively simple… trust me, it wasn’t. Contact paper is the devil), and made clothing size dividers for the closet. Also started on a canvas with a quote from my all-time favorite book, “Someday,” but found myself needing to go to HobLob again. Measured all the nooks & crannies of Rose’s closet so that I could buy storage containers the next day.

FRIDAY: Oh, Friday. Friday was a bust. I think all the productivity that I had been churning out the entire week caused a build-up of disaster, because Friday was almost comically bad. We had our 2nd 3D ultrasound at 11am in Greenville, which is about a 45-minute drive. So I decide that I’m going to stop by the monogramming place on the way out to drop off a few things & order a few more. Notice the use of the words “stop by.” That’s what I was thinking I could do… I only allotted 10-15 minutes to the monogramming shop. Mistake. Got in there, & there was someone in line in front of me that knocked me off schedule immediately. But I’m already there, & the shop’s not open on Saturdays, & I need to have this stuff done by the shower, & so I talk myself into sticking it out. I figure the ultrasound can’t start without me, right? Not a huge deal if I’m running 5 minutes late.

So it’s finally my turn & I sit down with the little monogram lady, only to realize that this process is NOT simple. Especially for an indecisive persnickity perfectionist. Each item required 3 decisions — word choice, font, & thread color. And I had 7 items. For a grand total of 21 decisions to be made in, oh, approximately 7 minutes. Yeah. So I started barreling through the items & the lady wasn’t moving or typing fast enough & I wanted to leap across the deck & type up my own damn order because I was sure I could do it faster than she could. And I started sweating & stressing & watching the minutes tick away & then felt the tears coming because I knew that I had passed the point of being a “little late” & had now reached the status of “very late.” So she takes me to the back room where I’m supposed to pick out thread colors for each item, & I’m just throwing spools of thread at her faster than she can write them down, & then my phone rings. It’s Bobby. And I look at it & realize that it’s 10:58am. And my ultrasound starts at 11am. I scheduled a 3D ultrasound, I created a facebook event for it, I invited both of our families, and then I stood everyone up. Who does that?

So I called Bobby crying & apologizing & he had to do damage control. Rescheduled the ultrasound for later that day, rescheduled both of his parents, who seemed ok with it although what are they gonna do? Berate the pregnant daughter-in-law? Bleh. Not one of my finer moments. Continued the day by shattering a picture frame in Home Goods, confusing the movie start time for “Winnie the Pooh” (much to Maggie’s distress), & having a huge fight with Bobby that night that concluded with me locking myself in the bathroom & wailing in the dark. When I’m having an awesome day, I like to take it all the way.

SATURDAY: We had a painting party out in the driveway… painted the changing table, side table, toybox, 7 picture frames, 2 lamps & a clock. Bobby was in a serious funk. Jennifer offered to help him sand something & he whirled around & said “NO! I can sand it & I can paint it & I don’t need anyone’s help. I’m sick of the women in this family telling me what to do!” Jennifer & I stood there with our mouths hanging open. To her credit, she laughed it off & offered to close the garage doors so that he could be alone. I hissed that he owed her apology, which took about an hour for him to make. It was a lovely, awkward time for everyone.

But we got it all sanded & painted without further incident. I worked in the nursery for the rest of the evening, unpacking & repacking boxes of crap to go in the attic, trying to organize Rose’s clothes (holy lord in heaven, organizing baby clothes is an art), getting pics framed & ready for hanging, & just generally making a path through the room. It’s still not done, but it’s a helluva lot closer than it was.

So yeah. I’m thoroughly impressed if anyone’s still reading this mind-numbing day-by-day saga. It’s more for me than anything… even though it’s generally insignificant stuff, I know that one day I’ll be glad I wrote about standing up my & Bobby’s families for my own ultrasound.

And now I’m off. Back to the list.