This whole gestational diabetes thing is a sketchy business. When I stress & count carbs & am super-careful, my blood sugar is out of range (above 120). When I eat what I want (just careful with portion sizes), it’s in range. Ridiculousness. On Day 1 & 2, when I got out of range numbers… 126 & 129 respectively… I cried. I was hungry & frustrated & mean as hell. Just ask Bobby. We went to Lowe’s Friday night & I about took his head off over a new hinge for the toy box. I KNEW I was acting crazy, I KNEW I was being irrationally bitchy, & yet it just kept bubbling up & out of my mouth like a spew of hate lava. And then I cried & cried & cried… for no reason except that I felt physically & mentally shitty.

Crazy. That’s what Bobby’s been living with.

So Saturday night, we had a party with our Heretics Sunday School class. And I decided to eat small portions of whatever I wanted & drink an assload of water. And my blood sugar was 115. In range for the first time since I started testing. What the hell.

Then yesterday, we hosted a July 4th cookout before the local fireworks. I ate a hamburger AND a hotdog, baked beans, & a small bowl of homemade peach cobbler with ice cream, again with enough water to float a river barge. And my blood sugar was 116. In range again.

I’m fairly sure that this isn’t a typical GD experience. I’m seeing no correlation whatsoever between my food choices & my blood sugar. So I’m just gonna eat small portions of yummy stuff, drink insane amounts of water, & keep diligently finger-pricking. Doesn’t make sense to me, but whatever works.

Hope all you folks are having a happy 4th! And to conclude with a little patriotic cuteness… Sadie, Emma (friend Marlena’s little one), & Maggie D watching the fireworks last night:

the fascination of fireworks