Had an appt with Dr OBGYN yesterday. He, in his usual laid-back style, is quite unconcerned about the gestational diabetes thing. Of the four blood draws during Monday morning’s glucose test, two were out of range… which is better than all four, right? And my fasting number (from the first blood draw before I drank the sugar cocktail) was 93, which is high, but still in range. Based on what I’ve been reading, the fasting number was the one I was the most worried about… on my message board, the girls with consistently high fasting numbers are the ones who are more likely to be put on insulin.

So yay… I really do think I’ll be able to do with this diet & exercise. I’m actually looking forward to my diabetic education class on Friday — I wish that I could have scheduled it earlier this week. Asked Dr OBGYN what I’m supposed to be eating until Friday & his response was “Not cake.”

And for the first time, I looked at the scale at my appt yesterday. I’ve resolutely refused up until this point… figured that if Dr OBGYN had a problem with my weight gain, he would let me know. But in light of recent developments, I wanted to know, no matter how painful. I’ve gained a total of 15.8 lbs, 5 of which have been in the last month. I think it would be just fabulous if I could keep total weight gain under 25 lbs… or 20 lbs would be even better. Am hoping that this new diet will make that possible.

Last night was the first of four childbirth classes. Lots of talk about pain cycles & mucous plugs & such. Bobby got the giggles about halfway through… I was actually surprised he lasted that long. One of the pictures in the workbook of a 1970’s-era couple gazing soulfully into each other’s eyes triggered the fit, & he started choking trying to hold it in. He told me later that he used the breathing techniques to work through it…. the “hee hee whooooo” one was his favorite. Dork. The class concluded with a video of a little teenage girl giving (unmedicated) birth. I was completely distracted by the sheer number of people gathered around her cooch as the baby popped out. I mean, we’re talking 6 people all watching the actual exiting of the baby, one of whom was wildly snapping pictures. Um, not happening. There will be no audience standing around & peering at my nether-regions as I try to get this thing done. Just saying.