So the 3D ultrasound didn’t go exactly as I planned. Miss Rose wasn’t a fan… she rolled & twisted her little self up into a ball of baby limbs that would have made Houdini himself beam with pride. I rolled from side to side, did squats, & drank Mountain Dew to no avail. She just wasn’t having it.

And my family added a special touch, the kind of touch that only they can add. We’re all in this big room, complete with plush leather furniture, a big-screen monitor, & toys for the kids. Bobby’s pacing & taking pictures of the pictures with his phone. Jennifer’s making suggestions to the ultrasound tech of what other positions I should try to make Rose cooperate… the tech & I both drew the line at doggy-style. Daddy kept saying “Now, what is THAT? Is that her head? Ok, what about THAT? How they DO that? Hey, Sarah, you gonna have another one of these? Can I come to that one too?” Tom was wrangling kids, who were brawling over a coveted rocking horse. Maggie was absolutely NOT into the whole ultrasound thing… when she wasn’t beating up Sadie, she was staring concernedly at the u/s gel & wand & biting her lip. I think she thought it was hurting me.

But I’m glad we did it. We actually bought a 2-part package, so we get another session during week 31.

The only face shot, which the tech got during the first few minutes before Rose realized what was going on. I think she does actually have eyes, not just nodules of flesh… I swear, the 3D pics still freak me out:

Side shot, complete with claymation baby feet resting on her forehead:

Taking the fetal position to a whole new level, with arms & legs literally wrapped around her head. At this point, I was laughing… I mean, what child is this obstinate while in utero? The tech was a little bit frustrated, I think… she kept saying “Maybe if we try it this way… or maybe that way.” Yeah, not happening: