Dr OBGYN’s office called this morning to tell me that I failed my 1-hour glucose tolerance test. To quote the eloquent nurse, “You failed. I mean, you REEEALLY failed.” Commence freak-out. Nothing like having a medical professional emphasis the sheer suckiness of your test results. Apparently the top of the tolerance range is 140. My number is 193. Super.

So I’m going for the 3-hour test on Monday, Jun 27th. We’re leaving for a week at the beach tomorrow, so that’s the earliest we could schedule it. And based on Nurse Negative Nancy’s attitude, I would assume that I’m probably gonna fail that one too. Which means I’ll officially have gestational diabetes. Which means that I could potentially have to do insulin shots & multiple finger pricks a day & a GD diet.

I know it’s not a huge deal in the big scheme of things. I know this. I mean, if given my choice of things to go wrong, this would be one of the front-runners. Rose is still alive & kicking. I know that’s what’s most important. I just want to smack myself though. I feel like if I hadn’t fallen off the WeightWatchers wagon last year, this wouldn’t be happening. If I had taken better care of myself, exercised more, actually followed through with healthy eating instead of being such a slacker…. meh. I suck. I’m embarrassed at my own suckage.

On a happy note though? A few days ago, I impulsively scheduled a 3d ultrasound for this afternoon. I’ve never been a fan of the 3d’s… the squishy claymation babies kinda creep me out. But this is different because it’s OUR baby, & all that claymation stuff going on? That’s going on inside me, which is just pretty much insane. Bobby rolled his eyes when I told him I scheduled it — he’s scared of 3d ultrasound pics. But I’m pretty sure he’s secretly excited… he’s just hiding it well ;)

Since this is an elective u/s (re: the first one I haven’t felt nervous & nauseas going into) & there’s lots of room to invite family, I asked Jen, Tom & the girlies to come. Maggie’s flipping out about seeing “Baby Wose” (which she pronounces “behbeh”). Jennifer overheard her explaining to Sadie that we were “gonna go to the doctuh & the doctuh was gonna make a hole in Sassy’s tummy & we were gonna all peek in & see Baby Wose.” Jen intervened, explaining that there would be no holes in Sassy’s tummy… that the doctor had a magic wand that could see through Sassy’s tummy & put Baby Wose’s picture on a tv screen so we could all see her. Maggie sat & contemplated this for a few minutes, then said “Can I take MY magic wand?”

So Maggie will be there in full fairy regala, complete with magic wand. I do so love that squirt.