This past Tuesday was exactly 26 wks & I was lying in bed thinking about how badly I had to pee, & suddenly, over on the right side, there was a… feeling. Something different & weird. I waited & waited, but I didn’t feel it again.

Since then, I’ve felt it more & more. Today & yesterday have been almost nonstop — she apparently enjoys the Heretics Sunday School class (we’re reading “Love Wins“… perhaps she’s a fan of Rob Bell?) because she was flailing around like a little beast. I had my book resting on my stomach last night & it actually jumped.

This phase is a whole new thing… As strange as it sounds, after I got through the hell of first trimester, I sometimes almost forget that I’m pregnant. I mean, I know intellectually that she’s in there, but I just go about my business & don’t think a whole lot about what she’s up to as long as she’s alive. Now, she’s not letting me forget. It’s the strangest feeling, honestly… people call it a “flutter” or a “tickle” or “butterflies,” but none of those delicate terms apply to Rose darling. She thumps & bumps & wallers.

Before I quit my job, I offended one of my coworkers by comparing pregnancy to an alien takeover. I didn’t mean it in an offensive anti-baby way… obviously if you know my history, you know I was willing to amputate my right arm to experience this. It’s just that for 33 years, I’ve felt a certain way. I’ve gotten used to how I feel, & react, & function. Now, there’s a part of me that is totally out of my control… like a facial tic in my stomach that just won’t stop. I’ve been taken over by a little alien being. There’s an outside force with her own thoughts & own movement housed inside me. She delivers a wallop to my uterine wall & my mind is immediately distracted from whatever I’m doing & focused on her.

It’s weird. Wonderful, but weird.