Going to my grandparents tomorrow for a week… won’t have internet access. Not that I’ve been overly diligent with blogging lately anyway, but just in case someone wonders.
  • How far along? 25 weeks, 2 days
  • Symptoms? Rose is encouraging an intimate relationship between me & my sciatic nerve. I’ve never really thought much about my sciatic nerve… now, I spend extended periods of time thinking about (& cursing) it. Bobby has actually begun encouraging Rose in her antics — whenever he deems me “sassy” (which, really, is quite often), he says “Rose, poke it NOW!!” So glad that my sciatic nerve could play a role in this father-daughter bonding process.
  • Baby-related purchases? Ah yes. The crib bedding has been ordered, the cradle bedding arrived today, the drapes arrived today. I’m a teeny bit worried about how (or if) it’s all going to come together… But then I’m also worried about something bad happening & there not even being a need for a fully-decorated nursery & then what am I gonna do? And then I remember (again) that a perfectly decorated nursery is really the least of my worries.
  • Maternity clothes? Yep.
  • Sleep: Eh, ok. I’m dreading the sleep aspect of our visit to Virginia… I just don’t sleep well there. But then again, neither does Jennifer, so I guess it’s more about the fact that my grandparents’ house is swelteringly hot than it is about pregnancy.
  • Best moment this week: At work, they planned a little surprise goodbye/baby party with very tasty cake. And there was a card where people had written nice things, & a gift card to Target. And I felt quite special…
  • Worst moment this week: During said party, one of the odder of my (former) coworkers came up. I thought she was going in for a hug, & although I’m not really a hugger & we’ve never had any physical contact, I was ok with it… I mean, it’s a special occasion, right? Bring on the hugs. But then, she cradled my belly in both hands & leaned down & KISSED my stomach. My mouth was hanging open… later, one of my coworkers almost peed on herself doing an impersonation of Sarah’s face when her stomach got violated. I got KISSED on the stomach by someone that I’ve never even touched. What the hell.
  • Movement: No, no, no. Boo (still) to anterior placentas.
  • Food cravings: Fruit & thai food. Pineapple is the best. And sweet tea still reigns supreme in the beverage category.
  • Gender: GIRL!!
  • Belly Button in or out? In-ish to nonexistent. But not out.
  • What I miss: Is it too soon to miss the kiddos at my job? I know my last day was only yesterday, but it was harder than I expected. Only for me, of course… they don’t understand the concept of me not coming back. But I found myself wanting to give them long, lingering snuggles before they left yesterday afternoon… When I think back to when I first started that job, I realize that those little critters saved me in a lot of ways. They loved me, & called me “Mama,” & for a few hours every day, I was the one they ran to when they skinned their knee or wanted their turn on the tricycle. It healed my heart & lessened the bitterness of my lost babies more than any “professional” therapy ever could have. For that, I’m truly grateful.
  • What I am looking forward to: Beating our budget into shape & feeling like it’s actually doable. We’re now officially a one-income family, & although I made very little, it’s still less money coming in. I feel like I need to start from the very beginning with our household utilities & systematically work through them, cutting or at least trimming where possible. With the current state of my scrambled brains, I anticipate that this process will take a little while… but by the time Baby Girl is born, I hope to have us back on a firm budget.
  • Weekly Wisdom: I’ve been a long-time hater of belly-rubbers, & I’ve made a distinct effort to not touch my abdomen in any way while in public. But I will say this… sometimes, belly-rubbers are rubbing & are eligible to be hated accordingly. And sometimes, belly-rubbers are scratching. Why? Because it freaking ITCHES. The skin itches & twinges & feels quite odd quite a bit of the time… but I still try to save my belly-scratches for my house. I still worry about being “that girl”… you know, the one who causes even more pain for the broken babyloss mama in the grocery store. I know that while there’s nothing I do about my bulbous belly, I CAN avoid the rubbing (or scratching) that made me cry & want to cut somebody not too long ago.
  • Milestones: I quit my job this week to become a stay-at-home-mom. I feel like I might need to write that a few more hundred times or so to see if it’ll sink in. I haven’t achieved the “mom” part yet, but I’m a helluva lot closer than I was. I’ve always wanted to be a SAHM. And now, in approximately 102 days, I will be. I will be.
  • Z4 is the size of: a rutabaga. Rosie Rutabaga. It has a ring, no? (And no, I’m not really calling her “Rosie,” although my dad already does).