Am thoroughly thrilled with my finds during yesterday’s shopping expedition. My goal was to come home with at least one thing for the nursery… & I came home with two. And I’m WAY under budget, which may just be the best part.

First, the glider/rocker purchase. Bobby & I had gone to the big baby stores & sat in their big, fancy, expensive chairs. We had even almost sort of decided on one, but couldn’t pull the trigger. It was just too much money for a chair that honestly? I wouldn’t buy if given the choice. I just didn’t love it. And $500+ dollars is a stupid lot to spend on something you don’t love. And maybe even something you do love.

So yesterday, Tom kept the girlies while Jennifer & I went plundering through all our favorite antique & consignment shops. And whaddaya know? The perfect little vintage chair, in beautiful condition, in a lovely color for a little girl’s room, for the fabulous price of 50 BUCKS. Yes, please.

I love it with the wall color & trim. And yeah, we’re not repainting… Z4’s going be the happy inhabitant of a cement gray nursery. Isn’t that nice & nurturing-sounding? Bobby’s thrilled that he’s off the painting hook.

The second find of the day was a toy box. Now I’ve looked at toy boxes online & decided that it just wasn’t going to happen. The ones I wanted were ridiculously priced… as in $800-1500 ridiculous. Like, are you serious, Posh Tots & Rosenberry Rooms? So Z4 wasn’t gonna have a toy box until she was older. I know, poor deprived kid… like she’ll even know the difference. That is, UNTIL I found this little gem.

It currently looks horrible, I know, but it’s really well-built & I have all sorts of plans for it. Obviously a good scrubbing & a coat of white paint will be first up. Then I’m thinking some round legs to get it off the floor & some sort of stenciling… I need to go visit my best friend HobLob & wander through the aisles for ideas. Oh, & maybe a pillow for the top to make it a cushy seat. And some new safety hinges so she won’t smash her little fat baby fingers, & some holes in the back so she won’t crawl in & suffocate her little baby self. Oh, & this guy was $55. A little more than I wanted to pay (& more than the chair), but the finished product will still be well under $100, which is massively better than the wretched prices I’ve been seeing for “designer” toy boxes.

And what would a shopping trip be without at least a few little baby clothes purchases? I plan to curb myself from here on out because there are gobs of clothing coming from Maggie & Sadie-Lady… but yesterday, I just let myself be frivolous. And it felt simply lovely. Sue, who’s fresh off a gender discrimination class, will probably break out in hives at all the pink “gender stereotyping” going on here… & this coming from the girl who mourned the loss of her Pink Cave.

Behold the pink explosion