Have I ever mentioned that I was an accounting major for a semester or so? Yep. Unfortunately, very little of it stuck. I now find myself floundering through the finances of Bobby’s business, & I am clueless. As in, without a clue.

me doing taxes

We got our taxes done for 2010, & the news wasn’t good. Although I paid our taxes on a quarterly basis last year, I underpaid substantially. Well hell. So we owe the federal government a big whopping $2500. It hurts my heart every time I hear people talking what they’re doing with their tax refund. Refund? That must be nice. Sniff, sniff.

Our little accountant man is being very supportive of me during this time of crisis… he told me that I did a good job, considering it was my first attempt, & gave me some tips for 2011 so hopefully we don’t have a repeat of this next April. And we decided, instead of just writing a check to the IRS, to fully fund our health savings acct (HSA*), which apparently still counts as a 2010 deduction. It didn’t really knock that much off the IRS balance, but every little bit counts, I guess.

*I knew jack-crap about HSA’s & such before Bobby started his own business… we decided to go with a high-deductible, low-premium option on our health insurance, then started a health savings acct to help cover the deductible. And coincidentally enough, our maternity coverage doesn’t kick in until after 13 months of coverage. So we just made the cut…. SCORE!

So upside? Our HSA is looking nice & fat for Z4. Dr Obgyn requires that we pay his fee upfront, so I’m thinking that I’m just go ahead & knock that sucker out at my next appt on Thursday, Mar 31st. I have a feeling Thursday’s appt isn’t going to be that fun — I think it’s my internal & breast exam (big whoop) & talking about money. Bobby asked for permission to skip… since I want to skip too, I’m not making him attend this one.

Oh, & while I’m ruminating about money (or lack thereof), I think I’ve convinced Bobby that I should quit my job after Memorial Day. As in, I only have TWO MORE MONTHS of work. ::insert happy dance here:: He wasn’t exactly hard to convince… he already knows how irrationally evil I get when I’m hot, so a mental picture of bulbous me standing on the playground in the Carolina summer heat was pretty much all it took.

So in preparation of my retirement, I’m in the process of trimming our budget back down. You see, Bobby & I trim our budget & then it sloooowwwwwly relaxes & things get added & increased & suddenly, it’s time to chop things again. Starting in April, I’m trying to put my paychecks in a Z4 fund, so we can adjust to living without my pittance income.

& that concludes my sad & boring money tale.