I’m back after my little hiatus. Went to Virginia for a week to visit my mom’s family, & they don’t do internet. We had a lovely time… Jen, Sue, Maggie, Sadie & I were there from Sunday to Sunday, while Bobby & Tom came on Thursday for a couple of nights. I’m fairly certain that my grandparents passed out for a long winter’s nap after we left… I do believe our invasion was exhausting for everyone involved.

Oh, & I just realized that I never updated after my first appt on Mar 4th with Dr Obgyn. It went swimmingly… for the first time, I sat in the waiting room (aka BellyRubber Central) without feeling like slitting my wrists. The nurses all gave me happy hugs, & Dr Obgyn was positively beaming. My favorite quote: “Ok, Sarah, I’m gonna treat you like you’re normal. Let’s try it on for size, whatcha think?” It may have just been the first time I’ve sat in his office that he hasn’t had to pass the ever-present box of tissues.

And the best part? We saw Z4 doing his little baby thing. He/She was kicking & stretching & flapping about… pretty much the cutest & most amazing thing I’ve ever seen (until the next ultrasound). Bobby videoed the whole thing, of course — this kid is gonna be the most well-documented non-celebrity spawn on the planet.

Oh, & I now have an official due date. Dr Obgyn was measuring & muttering to himself about how Z4 was measuring a few days ahead, blahblahblah, & I said, “So what’s my due date?” He stopped & looked at me, confused, & said “You don’t have a due date?” Me: “Nope, was hoping you could help me out with that.” Him, heaving a deep sigh & shaking his head: “Those fertility guys, they never give due dates.” After puzzling over the reluctance of “those fertility guys,” he finally conjured up an official date — SEPTEMBER 13th.

Dude, I have a due date. Holy effing crap.

Next appt is March 31st at 16w2d, & the anatomy scan will be scheduled then, I’m assuming. They don’t do anatomy until 20+ weeks, so I’ve still gotta while to check out Z4’s plumbing.

& since I’m behind on my little weekly posts, here we go:

  • How far along? 14 weeks, 2 days
  • Symptoms? The fatigue set in again this week. By the end of a day chasing 2-yr-olds, I’m struggling to make it to 9pm without releasing my inner snore-monster. (Yes, I’m still snoring. No, Bobby’s not enjoying it.) Also, my legs start tingling & kinda aching if I lay on my back for more than a couple of minutes, even while sitting on the sofa. Weird.
  • Baby-related purchases? Nope, not a one. Yay for me.
  • Maternity clothes? Nope, but I think I’m gonna have to take the plunge soon, potentially even this weekend.
  • Sleep: Meh, the whole left-side-sleeping thing? I’m not a fan. My hip hurts when I sleep on one side the whole night. But I am snoozing better since the fatigue rejoined us… achy hips are no match for the snore-monster.
  • Best moment this week: Before going to my grandparents, Bobby put the video of Z4’s in-utero antics on my laptop so we could watch it. My grandmother, aunt & cousins gathered round & they were all laughing & oohing & ahhing… & I turned around, & my grandfather was standing there watching too. He’s usually so not into that kinda stuff, but he had snuck in & was peeking through & smiling. It touched my heart.
  • Strangest moment this week: My coworker (the one I want to punch in the face regularly) said “Sarah, I have the BEST idea! You can wear my clothes instead of having to buy maternity clothes! I wear a 1 or 2x, so they’d be plenty big enough & you could save money!!” and then looks at me expectantly, waiting for my  enthusiastic response. This is the same one that I swatted a couple of weeks ago when she groped my stomach. It took a minute to recover from her brilliant plan, & I then politely thanked her & responded with a vague “maybeeee…..” I know she’s trying to be nice, but really? I’ve been waiting on & hoping for my chance to wear maternity clothes for years. I’ll just buy some, thanks. Plus, her style consists of primarily polyester, elastic-waisted pants in wild & fun colors. Bobby would split a gut laughing.
  • Movement: Nope.
  • Food cravings: Love fruit. I think I confused my grandmother a bit last week when I turned down cake for a bowl of mixed fruit. It’s just so tasty, I tell you.
  • Gender: Still dunno.
  • Belly Button in or out? In
  • What I miss: Beer, beer, beer. Still. And today, I particularly miss green beer at our local Irish pub.
  • What I am looking forward to: A nap. I’m an lump of uselessness who can barely keep my eyes open to even finish this post. Ridiculous.
  • Weekly Wisdom: Discovered this website, & found it very interesting. You type in a name you’re thinking about using (or your own name, if you’re me) & search. Go to the name’s “page” & there’s a tab called “Considering this name?” Tons of people named Sarah (or whatever) have responded with whether they would recommend their name, if they got picked on/misspelled/mispronounced, etc. It’s eye-opening.
  • Milestones: I think I’ve decided not to paint over the cement gray in the guest bedroom (nursery-to-be). I love it too much, & I’m sure Z4 will find the hue of prison walls very soothing…  :)  No, I’m actually serious about having a gray nursery. It’s a bit weird, but I like it. I think.
  • Z4 is the size of: a lemon. I find myself holding a lemon up to my stomach sometimes just for funsies.
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