If you can’t tell, that’s a bulbous head on the right with the beginnings of a profile, & two little legs kicking ferociously on the left. There was also some arm-flapping, although he looks armless in this particular shot.

Holy crap. I really can’t believe this is actually happening.

Bobby videoed the entire ultrasound & I cried. I was actually full-body sobbing to the point that the ultrasound wand was jiggling. Z4 has a heartbeat of 180 bpm, & is measuring 8 weeks, 3 days. RE scheduled us for one more ultrasound in two more weeks, & told me to go ahead & call my regular obgyn to get on the schedule. I think he’s thinking about breaking up with me. I’m just not sure I’m ready to end our relationship. It just seems so… sudden.

I’m in complete wonderment. I’m more pregnant than I’ve ever been. Z4’s alive & he’s hanging on like a little beast.

Z4, you’re awesome, dude. Seriously, you are.