I’m gonna do weekly tracking posts for as long as this adventure lasts. Today officially kicks off 6 weeks… so here we go:

  • How far along? 6 weeks
  • Total weight gain/loss: Um, I’m not sure I’m going to answer this question, now or ever. Perhaps it shall be removed from the list.
  • Symptoms? Occasional nausea, gaggy feeling in the back of my throat, irrational revulsion toward the bathroom floor & dirty dishes in the sink, sensitivity to smell, occasional sore boobs, peeing about 20 times a day. Oh, & my first bout of constipation ever in my whole life. That was… different. Wheeeeeeee!
  • Baby-related purchases? Well, technically it was last week, but my little day-by-day calendar. It’s the only sign in our entire house that anything’s changed… well that & the Corona hasn’t been touched.
  • Maternity clothes? Nope
  • Sleep: Not so well at the beginning of the week, but lately? Like a rock.
  • Best moment this week: The results from the 3rd beta!! YIPPEE!
  • Movement: Nope
  • Food cravings: Vinegar, lemon, pickles, sour skittles, salt
  • Gender: The Chinese Gender Chart says it’s a boy. We shall see.
  • Belly Button in or out? In
  • What I miss: Corona with 2 slices of lime
  • What I am looking forward to: Our first ultrasound on Friday… please, oh please, let there be a living critter in there.
  • Weekly Wisdom: Hmmmm.
  • Milestones: I relaxed just the tiniest bit after the 3rd beta. Not much, mind you… but just the tiniest smidge.
  • Size of Z4: A lentil bean