The tale of my stomach goes like this:

Morning — I feel grand, everything’s fine.

Afternoon — I have a decent lunch, everything’s fine.

Evening — I suddenly get struck by an urge for something ridiculous. Tonight, it was triscuits dipped in barbeque sauce. Last night, it was triscuits soaked in malt vinegar. Night before last, it was steamed artichokes with lemon-mayo. Night before that, it was triscuits again. I have a great fondness for triscuits these days.

Late evening — My ridiculous dinner that tasted so delicious just an hour ago (yummm, who doesn’t like barbeque-dipped triscuits?!) starts wanting to make a reappearance. I pour Tums into my mouth & sip ginger-ale in an effort to ward off the gag. But anything can send the gag into a full-fledged dry (or not so dry)-heave… the smell of the inside of the fridge, the sight of hair on the bathroom floor, dirty dishes in the sink. One whiff or glance & I’m racing for the toilet, where I then feel even sicker because I’m too close to the toilet. Puking into a toilet completely grosses me out & makes me want to puke.

I’m not complaining, oh no. I’m simply recording this moment so that I’ll never forget what actually being for-real-knocked-up feels like. I’m good, y’all. Never better :)