Can you freakin’ believe it?!? Over 1000 would have been acceptable, I was cautiously hoping for 3000+, & the median for 25dpo (according to betabase) is ~4300. So anywhere in there would have been just peachy.

9333?!? Absolutely, I’ll take it!

I think I’m still in shock a bit… it’s very surreal that my numbers are actually *better* than average rather than the other way around. Of course I know that the other shoe could drop at any second… but for now, I’m just enjoying being this side of “normal” rather than the other side.

First ultrasound has been scheduled for next Friday, Jan 21st @ 8am. I’ll be 6wks, 6days then, so there should be a heartbeat. Of course I’ll start stressing about that at some point in the next 9 days, but not today. Today, I’m just going to bask in my betas. Why? Because I can…. for the first time ever, I CAN.