This morning, Maggie punched Sadie in her little fat baby face. So Jennifer swatted her behind & sent her to her room. Maggie sobbed like her hard little heart was broken, & after a few minutes, Jennifer went back to her room to talk about it. She pulled Maggie up on her lap & explained that hitting her mommy & daddy & baby sister is not ok, & everytime she does it, she’s going to get in trouble. Maggie then proceeded to ball up her little fist & punch Jennifer right in the nose.

Jennifer called me at 9:30, close to tears, & asking if Maggie could come to Sassy’s house to visit. She said that she knew that a visit to Sassy’s was a reward rather than a punishment, but that she & Maggie needed to be in separate places for a while.

So Maggie the Christmas Imp came to our house for a few hours this morning while her mommy baked cookies or self-medicated or meditated or something. She’s a stinker, there’s not doubt. And I guess it’s because I’m not the one she punched, but the story made me giggle. Jennifer was such a hateful child-beast when she was little… it’s like she’s spawned herself. Heehee :)