One of my facebook friend’s status wished everyone a “Happy Christmas Adam!” today…  am I the only one who’d never heard this phrase? I pondered a moment & then was like “ooooooohhhhh.” The day before Christmas EVE? Get it? Hardy-har-har. I actually did laugh, cuz I’m corny like that.

I took some pics of this year’s Christmas decorations. I’m loving our tree this year… it’s huge. Like Griswald-worthy. It’s our biggest yet, I think. And we did white lights, as always. I’m a lover of white twinkle lights. And the presents are a little bit out of control. I think it’s because we wrap every single present for Maggie & Sadie individually to give them more to open. Mama did the same for us when we were little. I remember opening pairs of socks & tights that had been all separately wrapped… ok, that may have been taking the individual-wrapping concept to an extreme. :)

The stockings were hung (with super-awesome 3m Command hooks) by the chimney with care… Oscar doesn’t have a personalized stocking, but he’s ok with it.

I’ve finished my Christmas goodie-making for this year. Peanut butter balls, cookie dough balls, butterscotch haystacks, white chocolate fudge, & pinwheels abound:

Love this wreath, & had a brilliant idea (ok, Martha had the idea & I stole it) to hang it on a mirror. An hour later, after dropping the (very heavy) mirror twice, scratching the paint, & putting two giant holes in the wall that made Bobby cry, I abandoned the idea & hung it on the dining room door instead with yet another 3m Command hook. I really am amazed by those hooks — they’re super-strong & come off like *that* (attempts to snap fingers… I’ve never been a very good finger-snapper).

And from the other dining room door, I rigged up a Christmas card display system. I really wanted to do a garland or wreath or some other Martha-inspired idea, but that didn’t happen. So a giant bow it is — I pinned cards to the long tendrils (is that the right word?). Bobby & I get very few Christmas cards… most of these are from his clients, but I hung them anyway so it would look like people like us. Maybe I’ll send cards next year just to elicit cards in response…

And Sue came home for 2 weeks today… makes me happy to have her here. Even when I have to move her bottle of cheap vodka to make a cup of hot tea :)