So I’m not really into makeup or skin care or taking care of my face. I think it’s a great thing & I have even gone through a spell where I never went to bed without going through my bedtime facial regimen. But the phase passed & I’ve become a bar-soap-in-the-shower kinda girl. I also use cheap makeup… whatever’s on sale is what I’m wearing. I’ve had the expensive makeup & quite enjoyed it… but when it comes to spending my money, there are other things that always come before cosmetics.

This is my makeup bag. Yes, that’s a ziploc sandwich bag. Classy all the way, that’s me.

Tonight, when I was elbow-deep in powdered sugar (my grandmother’s pinwheel recipe calls for 2.5 POUNDS of powdered sugar), Bobby asked me if I would like a Christmas present early. Never one to turn down a present, I promptly washed my hands & followed him to the living room. He made me close my eyes, then presented me with two big, beautiful, shiny boxes of Clinique fabulousness. The skin care line, & a complete replacement of my makeup. When I asked how he knew what colors to buy, he giggled & explained how he stole my sad little ziploc bag & took it to the makeup counter & let the makeup ladies go through it & match the colors. He said they didn’t laugh, but I’m pretty sure he just missed it… I mean, how could they NOT mock my rumpled, mismatched ziploc bag of drugstore makeup? I would if I were them.

I am seriously intimidated by the perfection of these boxes… look how pretty:

And really, how many guys out there would think to steal your makeup so he can buy the perfect replacements? My Bobby, he’s something special :)