I have a super-mom in my class right now. She’s intimidatingly perfect. I want to be her. She writes thoughtful notes for every occasion on personalized stationery. She sends homemade goodies with her child for every holiday & sometimes just because. Her homemade goodies not only taste delectable, but they also usually look like something… reindeer for Christmas, mummies for Halloween, bunnies for Easter. And these aren’t Pillsbury with designs, oh no. These reindeer have pretzel antlers dipped in chocolate & chocolate chip eyes. And the mummies that are hand-drizzled with white chocolate mummy-wrapping. Each cookies accounts for at least a minute, which by my calculation, becomes at least 2 hours per cookie endeavor. Insanity, I tell you.

And you may be thinking “Well, obviously she’s a stay-at-home-mom.” But no. She’s an elementary teacher. I would be willing to cross a few palms with silver to have my theoretical kid be in her class… if her cookies are any indication, her teaching skills are probably other-worldly. Her child is always impeccably dressed & groomed, sporting Santas & turkeys during holidays, & monogrammed cuteness the rest of the year. SHE is always impeccably dressed, with her not-too-trendy, but not-too-mommy clothes that are the perfect blend of comfy & cute. Their family Christmas card was magazine-worthy, with she & her husband & her adorable offspring dressed in coordinating outfits on the beach, laughing & playing & looking happy & not posed.

She’s insanely competent. And I’m pretty sure that in a million years, I could never be her. Super-mom material, I am not. I’ll just take normal-stressed-out-with-occasional-moments-of togetherness-mom, thank you very much. But I do enjoy her baking skills… as I type this post, I’m munching on a delicious breakfast treat (that was beautifully wrapped, of course). Merry Christmas to me from Super-Mommy.