We finally finished Sue’s room/the guest bedroom. Finally. Long, long ago, back in Aug/Sept, we switched our office & guest bedroom furniture, repainted, sold & rebought furniture, the whole 9 yrds. (What does that phrase mean, btw? I use it often & yet have no idea. I guess I could look it up… huh). It was a capital M, capital E, capital double-S. Like really. Since the office is where Bobby spends most of his time, we worked on it first. Reorganized him, & made the other half of the room a craft area for me (yays). That was this post.

So then I started the guest bedroom, which is Sue’s room when she comes home. And I decided it should be gray. I’ve never had a gray room. Little did I know just how many paint colors I would go through to get a gray room. You see, my room kept turning blue. It INSISTED on being blue. It was quite aggravating. Finally, I bought a gallon of Martha Stewart’s “cement gray.” I mean, really, how could something as correctional-facility-sounding as “cement gray” have the nerve to turn blue? Success. The room is darker than I envisioned, but I actually like it.

My main concern (besides the blue that kept creeping in), was the furniture that I bought off Craig’s List a few months ago. I fell in love with the fact that there was handwriting on the back of the mirror, & bought it without really picturing it in my space. So then it came to live on our front porch for, oh, about a month (yes, we were THOSE people… all we needed was a sofa & maybe a washing machine to complete the picture) while I painted it. This was my first furniture-painting attempt, & it was a beast. A beast, I tell you. Each spindle had to be carefully painted & repainted, & then I got this bright idea that I should glaze it after it dried, which of course added another week or so of a fully furnished front porch. By this time, the neighbors were coming over to see what exactly I was doing (translation: your porch is an eyesore, when can we expect you to move your furniture inside). When it finally dried enough to put it all back together, I discovered that the damn drawers had damn “swold up” (that’s mountain-speak for “swollen”, fyi) and didn’t damn fit into the damn dresser anymore. Like, were a full half-inch from fitting. Damn it. So Bobby the Long-Suffering got out his macdaddy sander &, with much profane muttering about my “projects,” trimmed the drawers so that they would go back into their little drawer-slots.

So ok. Now the furniture is painted, glazed, & reassembled, & we moved it into the guest bedroom. That’s when I realized that I was skirting the edges of “shabby chic.” I like traditional, I love antiques, but shabby chic? It just not me. I think that’s how I settled on gray as a wall color — I was hoping it would counteract any shabby chic-iness that the furniture inflicted.

I pulled a crapload of stuff out of the attic — Pottery Barn bedding that I bought on ebay long ago, a few pictures, & some vases that were Mama’s — & pulled Sue’s stuff out of boxes. Bought the lamp at HobLob… it’s larger than I thought it would be, or maybe the bedside table is smaller. Painted the bedside table, which was mine when I was young. The mantle is all stuff I already had… I know it looks unbalanced in the picture, but I think it’s the angle. Or maybe it’s just unbalanced. I’ve never tried layering things before — I’ve always been a one-big-picture-in-the-dead-center kinda girl — so this mantle arrangement is a bit of a stretch for me. Bought the rug & the birds at Target. The birds were silver, which I don’t love, so I painted them heirloom white. I’m all about birds here lately… even bought bird Christmas wrapping paper. Tweet. Still need to do window treatments, but it’s just not happening right now.

And here’s how it turned out.

Every time I go in there, I see a few more issues with the furniture paint-job, but I’m trying not to fixate. For now, it’ll work. And I’m so glad that bedding made it back out of the attic… I had forgotten how much I love it.

Next project: the laundry room. After Christmas.