Nope, I’m not dead or pregnant or the really awful version of pregnant that I seem to have perfected. I’ve just been away doing fun family stuff.

Thanksgiving weekend was quite nice. Dinner at my & Bobby’s house — the food was tasty & actually ready on time, the wheat centerpiece didn’t catch on fire, everyone was polite to each other, & Maggie & Sadie wore their matching turkey dresses, which just made me happy… (I saw the dresses on etsy & couldn’t resist… they’re REVERSIBLE with a turkey on one side & their monogram on the other! How cool is that?)

Friday, Sue, Jen, Tom & I took the girlies to see “Tangled” while Bobby went & bought a gun. Yes, a gun. He has a new obsession with firearms. No clue. Anyway, Sadie didn’t make it very far into the movie, but Maggie was completely enthralled. Saturday morning was spent at the Christmas tree farm, where Bobby & I managed to find our biggest tree yet. Very pleasant overall, it was. There were a few moments of Daddy-related drama, but I managed to let it just roll right off. Of course, the fact that it didn’t bother me probably also had a lot to do with the fact that he wasn’t targeting ME… that always helps. Jennifer & Sue were hating on him pretty good, though… he called a customer at the Christmas tree farm & Jennifer lamblasted him & told him he won’t be invited next year. And he called Sue later & fussed at her for wearing jeans. The Church once again raises its ugly head. But me? I stayed out of it, which is very unlike me… sometimes I just don’t care very much.

So yeah, moving on… here’s a few favorite pictures of the weekend:

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