Am feeling the need to document this cycle, just in case it matters…

For once in my life, I can say that my (cycle-related) behavior has been flawless. I’ve taken my vitamins every single night. I set the ClearBlue Easy fertility monitor on Day 1 & have peed accordingly. I did have to use pee sticks from two separate boxes, which is frowned upon, but it couldn’t be helped. If this cycle ends badly (“badly” is defined as I get pregnant & then lose it), there’s very little ammunition for blaming myself.

Observation that may or may be important: I have historically ovulated on Day 17 of a 28-day cycle. I’ve asked Obgyn if an 11-day luteal phase is too short & could be related to the fact that my pregnancies don’t stick. He says no. The internet also says no. Still, I’ve wondered because there has to be a reason I keep offing babies, damn it, & pondering the minutia of cycle data is what us infertile girls do.

That being said, this cycle was different. According to the CBE monitor, I ovulated on Day 14 &/or Day 15 (had “peak” signs on both of those days). I’ve NEVER ovulated that early in a cycle. And I wondered if it’s a fluke, or if it has something to do with the excessive amount of vita-crap I’m taking. It’s probably totally unrelated… I guess I just want to think that this cycle is different & that things are going to behave this time.

So I started my 200mg progesterone supps today (Day 17). And I’ll start obsessively testing next Wednesday (Day 23) until all hope is lost for this cycle on Sun, Dec 5th (Day 27), at which point I will stop the prog supps to allow this cycle to end.

Ok, I’m off to iron the Thanksgiving tablecloth & napkins. Only 8 hrs until guests arrive & there is much to do…