I looked & looked for the menu/recipes from last Thanksgiving & couldn’t find them anywhere. So I’m documenting this year’s here… just looking out for 2011. Proactive, that’s me.

  • The obvious turkey — this recipe. This will be my first turkey attempt… hoping for the best.
  • Dressing — regular (trying it in the slow cooker this year in hopes of having one less thing to worry about) & oyster (which is Daddy’s favorite)
  • Mashed potatoes — Bobby’s specialty
  • Gravy — gonna stir flour into the turkey juice & hope for the best. Or buy one of those nifty little cheater mixes. My grandma would weep if she read this.
  • Green beans or some sort of green veggie — maybe casserole, maybe not. Undecided. I feel quite ambivalent about green vegetables at this point.
  • Sweet potato souffle — Mama’s recipe
  • Macaroni & cheese — this recipe… detest Paula Deen, but her mac & cheese rocks.
  • Cranberry sauce — this recipe plus raisins
  • Yeast rolls — Grandma’s recipe. I have yet to actually successfully complete this recipe, but I shall attempt it once again. Maybe I’ll buy a few packs of brown n’ serve rolls as a backup plan.
  • Pumpkin pie — this recipe, I think. It’s easy, classic, what’s not to like.
  • Pumpkin cream cheese roll — this recipe
  • Apple pie — this recipe… Sue did this one last year, & it’s pretty much everything an apple pie should be. Freakin’ yum.
  • Chocolate pecan pie — this recipe
  • Vanilla ice cream — whatever’s on sale
  • Spiced apple cider — this recipe. It tastes good & it makes the house smell quite festive.
  • Holiday coffees
  • Sweet tea — the southern staple

When I was growing up, I assumed #1) that there would always be someone else to make these dishes, & #2) that there were special family recipes for everything.  #2 may have been right… however, I have very few of those recipes, so I’m just kinda fudging it as I go. It’s a strange thing, this looking up Thanksgiving recipes on the web. Feels so mishmashed together instead of the “bursting with traditions passed down for 100 years” family moments that you see in those charming Thanksgiving commercials. Meh.

On a more productive note, the guest/Sue’s room is finally painted… and it actually looks gray. VICTORY. I bought a gallon of Martha’s “cement gray” today & slapped that stuff on the wall. About halfway through, I was feeling very, VERY unsure about it… but by that time, I was too invested & Bobby was too annoyed, so we just kept painting & hoped for the best. It’s not done — still have to hang pics, buy a rug, etc — but I think it’s going to turn out to be a good choice. I’ll post pics after it’s a little more finished…