Ok, so today is Friday & next THURSDAY is freakin’ Thanksgiving. Ok.

I have a list, but to state that I’m feeling overwhelmed would be an understatement. Am trying to think about what to do first. Martha Stewart & Real Simple say that I should already have my menu planned, my shopping list made, & my centerpiece order placed with the florist. Yeah, because I’m so gonna have a big, extravagant floral-designed centerpiece. Silly, silly Martha.

Nowhere on Martha’s or Real Simple’s list is “finish the disaster that is Sue’s bedroom because Sue’s coming home next week &, well, she might want somewhere to sleep.” Sue’s room is literally uninhabitable right now. The furniture is all pushed to the middle, there are boxes of crap lining the hallway, & although I’ve now purchased three 3-oz paint samples, I STILL don’t love the color choices going on in there. I want a gray room. Is that so much to ask? The gray paint I keep choosing turns blue when I get it home & on the wall. It’s like magic paint. Annoying. There are now wide strips of “porpoise,” “flint smoke,” & “stone fence” splashed around the room. And yet, gray continues to elude me.

You see, these are my inspiration photos:

The first one is compliments of Martha (of course). The second & third are from bhg. Would you believe that I actually bought the brownish-gray paint shown in the first room, & that on MY wall, it looks blue? BLUE. I don’t even see a HINT of blue in this paint color, & yet Sue’s room manages to make it blue. Argh.

I think I shall *gently* close the bedroom door & work on the Thanksgiving menu instead.