Last night, I cleaned house. No, not literally… I LIKE the tufts of dog hair floating across the floor & cleaning would totally ruin that. Nope, I’m talking my friends. I unfriended about half of them — people I didn’t know, people I had just friended out of nosiness because they had their pictures locked down, people I only knew through other people. Gone. Kaboshed. I wasn’t angry or annoyed… it was just that I realized that my entire news feed was full of people that I didn’t actually know. And while I’m glad that the cousin of the girl I went to middle school with who I met that one time at a random function’s weekend was great, I would rather have someone I’m closer to — who I actually, you know, KNOW — come through my news feed. Oh, & political ranters? They all got the ax. Well, unless I agree with their political rants, in which case I made a couple of exceptions. And a couple of overly religious people…. I get sick of feeling like I’m being recruited to their churches every Sunday. I’m glad they like their church. That’s super. Moving on.

I have to say, it was quite satisfying to click “remove friend.” Sounds so… well, personal, doesn’t it? If they were really a “friend,” you probably wouldn’t be removing them. Just saying. Also had several friend requests pending from people that I honestly don’t know. Like I’m pretty sure we’ve never met. I love the button on those — you either click “accept” or “not now.” Not now… like you’re letting them down easy. I’m rejecting you now, but I’m sure you’re a really great person, so maybe try again later, mmkay?

I’m now at 300-ish & it feels nice. So nice that I may have to do another sweep soon. Muahahaha.