My mother had an addiction to dinnerware. Literally. Looking in the cabinets in Townville, there are at least 5 (complete) sets of dishes, & she rotated them according to occasion & season. Daddy would get so annoyed when he balanced the checkbook because the charges would come up as simply “Ebay.” He would grumble & mutter & say bad things about ebay & Mama.  Jen, Sue & I, however, would laugh & encourage her. I remember us telling her that she needed to keep her dinnerware sets in multiples of 3 so that we could split them evenly when she died. And then we would all laugh & laugh. Eh.

So yesterday, I bid on a 17-pc set of my & Bobby’s formal flatware, & watch with anticipation as the auction clock ran closer & closer to zero. When I won, I was freakin’ THRILLED. It was only then that I realized how Denise-like my behavior was. I recalled a magnet I gave Mama one Mother’s Day… one that we would reference regularly, & that is still hanging on the Townville fridge:

Mirror, mirror, on the wall
I am my mother after all.

Love it.

Thanksgiving dinner is becoming an event in my mind this year. The invitations arrived yesterday… they’re super-cute, even cuter in real-life than in the picture. The paper is a rough matte, which lends to the overall feel — goes perfectly the colors & design. I plan to address them this weekend & mail them on Nov 1st. And I took inventory of my china cabinet & have been purchasing accordingly. You know how people always say “What’s the point of formal china because you’ll never use it”? Well, I’m determined to prove them wrong. I pull that crap out at least twice a year. From Thanksgivings past, I had 11 dinner plates, iced beverage glasses, & flatware place settings. We’ll have 14 adult guests this year, so I’m 3 short.

  • First up, dinnerware. Found “imperfect” Lenox Federal Platinum dinner plates at for $10 ea & ordered three (plates retail for $40). I kinda hate that I’m buying “imperfect” dinner plates rather than the entire place setting (& nervous that they’re going to be seriously jacked-up-looking)… it just seems wrong. But the 5-pc place setting is $75 ea & 3 of those suckers for a whopping $225 is just a (huge) bit more than I was planning to spend. Savings = $90
  • Next up was flatware…  Oneida Juilliard place settings are $50 ea. So to ebay I go, & find an auction for 3 place settings AND a 2-pc entertainment serving set (retails @ $50). Bid & win… WOOHOO! Total cost was $67 instead of $200. Savings = $133
  • Finally, drinkware. I currently have 11 iced beverage glasses & 8 wine glasses. I can’t imagine that we’ll have more than 8 wine-drinkers, so I’m not buying anymore of those. The Lenox Firelight iced beverage glasses retail for $33 ea. Found them on ebay for $20 ea. Savings = $39

So I saved $262. Not bad, I reckon. But I spent $187 (including shipping). Blarg. I’m telling myself it can’t be helped… I mean, OBVIOUSLY you can’t have 11 people using fine china & 3 people using Corelle Ware. That would just be unacceptable. Yep, that’s what I’m telling myself.

Found a pic of Thanksgiving Past, back when we lived in Charlotte. Such a warm & fuzzy holiday…

Thanksgiving 2005