All was quiet on the facebook front, & then another stupid breast cancer “awareness” game surfaced. And so did Jennifer’s ire.

Seriously, she pulled out a big ol’ bucket of verbal whup-ass on the folks that created the “I like it on” game. I haven’t seen her that fired up since — well, it’s been a while. Good times. I won’t repeat the entire rant here, although parts of it are quite funny/infuriating/bizarre.  But I will say that although the game has already gone viral, at least the creator is getting the kind of attention she probably wasn’t aiming for & will probably think twice before creating another game of sexual innuendo in the name of breast cancer.

I was really sort of there as her wing (wo)man.. that is, until one of the group’s defenders attacked Jennifer, told her to stop posting, & asked what we “haters” had done to help the cause. And then I lost my temper & got a little sassy. I may be a hater, I’ve even admitted to being a hater, but don’t mess with my sister, damn it. And don’t assume you know anything about what we’ve done or what we’ve experienced.

Becky, what have we “haters” done, you ask? Well, let me think. My sisters & I held our mother’s head while she had seizures & bit off her own tongue. We helped change our independence-loving mother’s diapers when she became incontinent. We watched while the cancer in her brain took her power of speech until she, always a master of words, was no longer able to form a coherent sentence. We protected her, we nursed her, we were there for every single effing doctor’s appt. I tell our story at every opportunity, on my blog, on facebook, on message boards. I give to Breast Cancer Action & breast cancer patients who are no longer able to support themselves. I try to make people realize that while awareness is all fine & good, ACTION is what matters. I still have nightmares about the night my mother died 3 yrs ago. So yeah, I guess you could definitely ask what we “haters” have done…. besides talk about the location of our purses, of course.

But I have to say, my favorite quote from today’s little facebook melee is this, which currently adorns my facebook status:

I don’t give two hoots where people keep their damn handbags, & truly wish that mine wasn’t full of drugs to combat the side effects of chemotherapy.  ~Breast cancer patient currently undergoing treatment

Damn, I’ll be glad when October is over & all these “aware” people crawl back under their rocks.