This evening, Bobby & I went to Clemson to check out the Homecoming floats. As we walked toward the lights & music from where we parked, he reached over & grabbed my hand. Clemson is a good place for us. We met there in January 2001. He proposed & I said yes there in April 2002. We got married there in May 2003. He said “Can you believe it’s been almost 10 years?”

So just for fun, we talked about what we were doing 10 years ago, in Oct 2000. Bobby was living in Phoenix, AR, stealthily plotting to quit his job. He was filing all the necessary paper work to go back to graduate school, back to Clemson, his alma mater. He was preparing to move across the country once again, but still keeping it quiet since his closest friends were also coworkers.

I, on the other hand, was deeply entrenched in South Carolina majoring in Business & Brazilian soccer players. I was midway through my final semester at Lander, & unofficially living with my hot Brazilian soccer-player–turned-corporate-exec boyfriend. “Unofficially” because I was still on the dorm roster, & some of my clothes were still in the dorm closet. I, however, spent most of my nights in a bed under a Brazilian flag. Not kidding. There really was a Brazilian flag hanging over the bed. My mama would have thrown herself from the nearest window had I been completely forthcoming about my living (& sleeping) arrangements. When the hot Brazilian came to dinner at my parents’ house one weekend, he put his hand on my thigh & I thought my parents were going to go into cardiac arrest. Instead, Mama went into therapy.

Bobby & I had a moment of contemplative silence at the conclusion of our respective 10-yrs-ago stories. Then I said “I’m really glad things worked out for you 10 yrs ago. And I’m really glad things didn’t for me.” And with  my arm through his, we admired the floats, chortled at the “No Alcohol” signs (really, Clemson?), & pointed out cute Clemson-orange-sporting babies to each other.

To end the evening, we went to dinner & ran into Dr Jerry, Therapist Extraordinare. Our conversation went something like this:

Us: Dr Jerry, how are you?!?
Dr Jerry: Quite excellent! We just got back from Alaska.
Us: Wow, that’s really cool (no pun intended)… good for ya’ll!
Dr Jerry: Yeah, it was great! Did you know that the United States bought Alaska for 2 cents an acre?

And then he gave me a hug & told me I was looking well. Oh, Dr Jerry, no other therapist would have been quite as perfect for me as you, random Alaska real estate facts & all.

We had invited others to go with us this evening & it didn’t work out. I’m glad. It was perfect, just the two of us.