Yup, Jennifer’s ultrasound confirmed that it was a ruptured ovarian cyst, with another one waiting in the wings. Apparently, there’s really nothing they do for these things… just arm you with super-duper pain meds & let you self-medicate.

We’re so stinkin’ relieved that it’s not cancer. For us, everything is potentially cancer until proven otherwise. Makes for a nice, stress-free existence, I tell you.

And speaking of cancer, today’s the last day of September, which means that tomorrow kicks off my very favorite cause-marketing month of all, Pinktober. Insert dripping sarcasm here. This is the 4th October since breast cancer took my mother, & with every year, my anger & frustration with October’s pink explosion has grown stronger. Right now, tons of companies are out there gleefully surveying their gobs of pink goodies, eagerly waiting to release them on the masses tomorrow & fatten their bottom lines courtesy of breast cancer. Disgusting. Do I feel I’m justified in feeling this way? Absolutely. Do I think churning with negative energy for the next 31 days actually benefits anyone? Um, probably not. So, for October 2010, I’ve been considering the possibility of finding more constructive outlet for my irritation. A lofty goal…

And in other news, I dreamed last night that I was married to this guy I grew up with in The Church. He was trying to make me be a good little The Church girl, talking about hell & such, & I hid from him in the shower, clutching my devil britches. Kind of a religious version of the classic horror movie shower scene. I kept repeating to myself “Bobby wouldn’t make me do this, Bobby wouldn’t act this way.” I haven’t even really thought about The Church lately, so I’m not sure what conjured that one up… only thing I can figure is that perhaps it’s my recent obsession with polygamists. Read “The 19th Wife,” watched the Lifetime movie, & then couldn’t tear my eyes away from the premiere of TLC’s “Sister Wives” this past Sunday. The Church doesn’t support polygamy, of course, but the male-dominant society that’s been portrayed in the book, movie, & tv show is all-too-familiar.

But seriously, a shower scene clutching my favorite gray pants? That’s just not normal.