So in recent weeks, instead of updating this blog or returning phone calls, I’ve been working on a long list of household projects that have been lurking on my & Bobby’s to-do list for quite a while.

First there was the transformation of the Pink Cave to a nice shade of Pecan (before & after pics here). And then there was the issue of the Ballard Design window panels that I needed (not merely wanted). I got all crafty-ish, & here’s what happened:

Ballard Designs, $79 each

The homemade version, $15 each

I still like the $79 version better, but $30 vs. $180 (including shipping)? Not gonna happen. My materials included:

  • Woolrich grommet window panels from Target, $25 (here they are)
  • Pretty stencil from Hobby Lobby, $4
  • Acrylic paint from Hobby Lobby, $1

And then I watched a smarmy Lifetime movie & painted my little heart out.

Drapery Painting 101

I also have a habit of collecting “treasures” from the Goodwill with no particular purpose in mind. I tuck them away in cabinets & closets & the attic. I realized during this room switcheroo that I had collected quite a few little pieces — so I pulled them all out & hauled them to the driveway. Bought some spray paint, & commenced spraying.

Painting party in the driveway, anyone?

While I was at it, I also bought a giant piece of pegboard (4×4 piece for $4!! That stuff is crazy cheap!) & painted it with Pecan leftover from the Pink Cave transformation. (Oh, & that’s the bumper of my MDX, which I still love with a deep & abiding passion. Isn’t it pretty?)

And so here’s my (almost) finished craft/hobby/sewing space. It & the linen closet are currently the most only organized spaces in the house… I just gaze at them when I need to harness my chi (despite several acupuncture visits, I still really have no idea what that means :)


  • The desk (similar to this one in Pottery Barn for $1200) is from an unfinished wood store for $400… And it’s built by the Amish, so it could probably kick the Pottery Barn table’s particle-board ass. It’s by far the biggest purchase for this room.
  • The pencil-holders are soup cans covered in scrapbook paper. I plan to eat 3 more cans of soup & have a total of 6 pencil/utensil-holders.
  • We replaced our mailbox about a year ago, & I’ve been hoarding the old one since. Painted it Spa Blue & it’s now a holder for extra pegboard pegs.
  • You can get a 47-pc pegboard kit at Lowes or Home Depot for $7. I’m telling you, pegboard is the best thing EVER.
  • The wire baskets were $.30 each at Goodwill. The (now) apple green wooden basket in one of the desk cubbies was $.75.
  • The shelf was also a Goodwill find long, long ago & resided in the attic until last week.
  • The little black-framed cross-stitches were at the Habitat for Humanity store for $.50 each… they say “Happy as a lark” & “Fresh as a daisy”. Neither of these sayings apply to me, but perhaps they’ll be a positive influence. One can hope.
  • The unframed painting on the shelf is a Sue original of my favorite tree in our front yard (the one that almost died a tragic death).
  • The white-matted blue/green swirlies is a scrap of fabric.
  • The thread-holder is from Hobby Lobby. $12. Spray-painted apple green.
  • The wrapping paper holder is really a trashcan that was on clearance in the back-to-school dorm section of Home Depot. Or Lowes.

Perhaps one day I’ll summon the courage to post pictures of my sewing area “before” pictures. I got one word. Frightening.