Today is over. So, so glad. It was a good funeral, if there is such a thing… the church was packed beyond capacity an hour before the service started. Bobby went with me, & for that I was very grateful. We stopped on the way & bought several bouquets of flowers. I tied them up with a giant ribbon & headed out to the cemetery before the service started. I cleaned the dead flowers off Mama’s grave & brushed her stone off. Spent only a while, but I felt more at peace with how her space looked when I left. I know that she had visitors today, & she would never want to have “company” with a messy house.

And sure enough, the man whose funeral we were attending was buried just a few spaces away. His family used the same mortuary as we did 3 yrs ago. It was with a surreal sense of deja vu that I saw that green tent set up once again in that area of the cemetery.

The funeral included many testimonies & stories about the dear man who died… with the combination of laughter & tears, it felt like the impromptu version of Mama’s “celebration.” Bobby & I left immediately afterward. Could not wait to get back to my safe couch & brain-rot “Bachelor Pad.”