Dude, I got a car! FINALLY! Seriously, the word “excited” doesn’t even begin to cover it…. I am ecstatic. Giddy. Elated. Not even kidding.

On Tuesday, I hit my limit. It was pouring rain, complete with thunder & lightening. And I didn’t have a ride home from work. Tom agreed to come pick me up, which was quite kind of him. So I’m waiting outside, & every one of my coworkers leaves. And every one of the kids’ parents leave. Several people offer me a ride, but I tell them I have one coming. And I’m standing here under a little overhang in the rain like a forlorn little urchin, clutching my purse. And I am PISSED.

Suddenly, a little old Buick Skylark creeps around the corner, & I realize it’s Doris, a little old lady I work with. She rolls up to me & says “Honey, I was on my way home & had to turn around because I was thinking about you standing here all by yourself. Are you sure don’t want a ride? Or do you want to just sit here with me until your ride gets here?” And sweet old Doris pats her blue velvet bench seat.

I thanked her profusely for coming back to check on me & assured her that I was fine & that my ride was almost here. As she rolled away, I sent Bobby a scathing text message, explaining that I had HAD IT and we were purchasing a second car ASAP. Oh my. I was freakin’ livid.

So yesterday, we went & paid cash (Dave Ramsey, you rock!) for exactly what I wanted… an Acura MDX!  **Please pause for a happy dance.** It’s older with high mileage (obviously, since Bobby & I aren’t rich & can’t pay $40k in cash for a car). And I love, love, love, want to hug & kiss it & pet it.

Actually, I might just have to go outside right now & give it a big sloppy kiss. Ya’ll think I’m kidding. I’m not.