I’ve been all motivated here lately… & since that doesn’t happen overly often, I’ve been trying to maximize the spurt of energy before it dissipates.

So here’s what’s been going on:

Topiaries — I know, I know, I’ve already talked about these, but I wanted to post a pic of the finished product stripped of all baby shower cuteness. A couple of you have asked how I did these… & if I was a good & decent blogger, I would have taken pictures of each step along the way. But I’m not & I didn’t.  I did, however, find a perfect little tutorial here if you have a yen for a topiary of your own. And here’s my ingredient list:

  • Topiary form, already assembled, from Hobby Lobby. Yes, I cheated & didn’t assemble my own. With HobLob’s regular 40% off coupon, you can get these suckers for ~$7. Definitely worth the extra buck or two, imo.
  • Pretty pot. Got mine at Michael’s, again with a 40% off coupon.
  • Moss. You can get this stuff in a bag in whatever color you like.
  • Floral “cover,” (aka the pretty flowery stuff that makes the topiary ball). I used those greenish hydrangeas. I ended up using 5 stems per topiary.
  • Craft paint to cover the exposed dowel rods. I used dark brown.
  • Newspaper. I balled it up & stuffed my pot with it until my topiary was the desired height. I’m sure there’s a more professional way to do this, but I was on a time frame & just made it work.

Without further ado, here are pictures:

Ballard Designs, $49 each

The homemade version, $25 each

Room redo — Bobby & I have planned for a while to switch the guest bedroom (which, in reality, is Sue’s room) & the office. After moving Sue to Charleston last week, I sold the bedroom furniture on Craig’s List. Insert victory dance here…. I detested that furniture, which is pictured below in all its big, ugly, oaken glory. Then this weekend, we painted Sue’s Pink Cave a nice shade of Pecan. I have a fear that it’s boring… & then I recall the squint-inducing glow of the pepto-pink walls, & I’m immediately thankful for nice, safe pecan.

Behold the Pink Cave

Formerly pink, now pecan

Forgive the clutter & general ickiness of the pictures…  Next up is replacing the light fixture, adding some window treatments & a rug, & moving Bobby’s office & my craft/sewing area into this room. I’ve fallen in love with some obscenely expensive drapery panels from Ballard Designs… at $79 each, I can afford maybe half of one. So I’m improvising. We’ll see how it comes out…

And since I sold the oaken beasts (aka Bobby’s bedroom furniture), I’ve been scouring the internets in search of a replacement bed, preferably with a matching dresser or chest. Found a Jenny Lind-style bed & dresser on Craig’s List that seemed to fit the bill. When I went to see in, however, it was a bit more well-worn than I really wanted, & I started waffling. Was preparing to give the “I’ll think about it” line when I peeked around at the back of the mirror. This is what I saw:

A Jimmie & Beckie original

In case you can’t make it out, it reads “Bought July 23, 1931. Jimmie & Beckie” I love the handwritten note… but the fact that July 23 is my grandmother’s birthday was the deciding factor. Clearly, this furniture was meant to come home with me.

So our front porch is now serving as a furniture refinishing shop. I’m sure the neighbors are thrilled with my new endeavor.

Classy, no?

I hope to finish it by this weekend since Sue’s coming home & she would probably prefer to sleep in a bed. Since I have no idea what I’m doing, however, this may be a somewhat lofty goal.